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Recreational Kayaks

Recreational kayaks for sale

Recreational Kayaks from AS Watersports. We have a large range of kayaks, canoes and watersports equipment for sale from our waterside shop in Exeter and from our online shop. Demos of all our boats can be done easily and conveniently for free in the canal outside our shop.

Recreational Kayak is a type of kayak that is designed for the casual paddler interested in day trips, fishing, photography, or general exploration on flat and sheltered water such as lakes, slow moving rivers, very clam seas, canals and estuary’s. Recreational kayaking is the largest part of paddle sports and recreational kayaks can be paddled by any one even if you have little or no experience.

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Recreational Kayaks
are designed to be stable and directional. They usually have a large open cockpit for easy access and a wide stable hull; they often also have a small hatch for carrying gear.  
Recreational kayaks are generally less than twelve feet in length, which although making them slower than a longer touring boat they are lighter and easier to handle both in the water and out.

Perfect for day trips and easy cruising Recreational kayaks are not so good for playing about in waves or rough water.


When choosing any kayak or canoe some considerations should be:


  • Your height and weight: This will determine the size of kayak that will be right for you within a type. Some manufacturers do the same design kayak in a couple of sizes.
  • Your budget: Some kayaks come in different outfitting levels in the same design hull. How much you have to spend can determine the construction materials and methods and comfort levels.
  • Your paddling experience: How much and the type of paddling you have done will help choosing what sort of kayak to go for. If you have lots of experience you will be able to handle a less stable but faster kayak which will give more efficient paddling.


Some good recreational kayaks are:

Perception Sundance, Dagger Blackwater Exp 10.5, Dagger Approach 10.0 and 9.0


Double recreational kayaks are also available, some to have a look at would include:

Perception Kiwi 2, Perception Vista

If you need help deciding what type of kayak is most suitable for you and your individual requirement please call us at AS Watersports on 01392 219600 or visit us at AS Watersports, Haven Road, Exeter, Devon and we will be pleased to help you. Alternatively email our friendly and knowledgably staff at >sales@aswatersports.co.uk

buy Recreational Kayaks here
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