Navi Light Red/Green
  £66.95 £37.48
Navi Light Red/Green

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Railblaza RailMount 32-41
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Navi Light Red/Green
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Navi Light Red/Green

£66.95 £37.48


Navi Light red/green light. Navi light Red/Green gives ultra strong light 360°, divided into three colour zones. Red, Green and White. Navi light Red/Green is made to be fastened almost everywhere, it is waterproof and will float if pulled from it its secondary magnetic fastening. The Navi light Red/Green continues to shine for between 24 and 60 hours. Navi light is also very easy to use and can be operated by almost anyone of any age at any time, even with cold fingers!



Navi Light red/ green light just white light in use  Navi Light Red/green just red and green light  Navi Light red/green all in use#


The unique feature of Navi light Red/Green lies in its attachment system and its design.  A magnetic attachment system makes it easy to snap on to almost any surfaces. The flexible attachment system can easily secure the lantern to other pieces of clothing if desired or onto the boat.  Finally, its small size makes it easy to bring along in your pocket or store on your boat as a backup to your existing navigation lights.


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Lightening modes and suggested purpose.

1.      All on                    Tri- Color Navigation light

2.      Only White           Stern Navigation light / Flash light

3.      Red and Green      Bi-Color  Navigation light

4.      Only Red               Red Navigation light

5.      Only Green           Green Navigation light

6.      All off

£66.95 £37.48