End of Season Clearance Sale! – 5th October 2019

End of Season Clearance Sale! – 5th October 2019

Saturday 5th October at AS Watersports.

Doors open at 10am – be early to catch the best deals! In-store only.


Our annual clearance sale to make way for lots of shiny new kit in the shop.

Great prices on our entire ex-hire fleet, as well as a selection of ex-demo kayaks, canoes & paddleboards.
There will also be discounted kit & accessories inside the shop!

We will not be listing sale items prior to the event, you will have to turn up to see all the bargains on offer!

Please note – We will have a selection of kayaks and canoes from different brands at a range of prices. The paddleboards are all Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs, which are the leading manufacturer of premium paddleboard packages, and the prices will reflect this. Prices for new packages can be found on our website, and our used boards will be priced in-line with the current secondhand market.

British Canoeing Membership

British Canoeing Membership

We are proud to be partnering with British Canoeing to offer our customers a great saving on their “On the water” membership, you will receive a voucher code with any purchase. We recommend it to paddlers of all disciplines, when you break down the benifits it is really good value for the money.

Top membership benefits include:

  • Waterways license – this will ensure you can use your boat on waterways outside of your club sessions and trips.
  • Insurance – enjoy Combined Liability Insurance providing for legal liability cover following negligence, nuisance or trespass.
  • Boat Insurance – access to individual or multi-craft insurance to ensure your canoe, kayak or paddleboard is covered.
  • Communications – regular paddler-focused content and advice as well as discounted rates on magazines.
  • Special Offers and Discounts – a range of great offers from leading retailers.

Being a member of British Canoeing, you will not only get great value membership, you help guarantee the future for our fantastic sport!

They have launched Stronger Together, astrategic plan for the whole of the sport which will guide their work until 2021. You can see the details of the plan here. Your membership will help:

  • Achieve greater access to our inland waterways as we know members and non-members are passionate about this.
  • Work hard with key partners to lobby for increased access – we have published a statement which outlines our plans and proposals to address the challenges. This can be read here.
  • Improve canoeing experiences for everyone; from those exploring our inland waterways, to those paddling an exciting stretch of white water.
  • Support clubs, centres and volunteers around the country
  • Support the sports disciplines and our current and future Olympic and Paralympic Champions.
Retailer 10% off voucher – Terms & Conditions

10% off British Canoeing new adult member offer. This discounted membership retailer scheme is to support our retailer partners and to reward their customers with an exclusive offer. The following Terms and conditions apply to the offer:

  • Customers can be given a 10% off voucher code from retailers which will apply to On the Water Adult membership.
  • The offer is only valid for new adult (Over 23 years) members of British Canoeing.
  • The offer is only valid for a limited time period (expiring end Sept 2019).
  • British Canoeing has the right to immediately cease the offer at its absolute discretion.
  • British Canoeing has the right to extend the offer period at its absolute discretion.
  • Each voucher code is bespoke to the individual retailer partner to allow for the take up rate of the scheme to be monitored for each retailer.
  • The voucher code cannot be used in conjunction with any other sales discounts or discount codes.

Red Paddle Co 15’0″ Voyager Tandem – Customer Review

Red Paddle Co 15’0″ Voyager Tandem – Customer Review

We recently lent our Red Paddle Co 15’0 Voyager Tandem demo board to Tom so he could put it through it’s paces and get his opinion on it, here is what he had to say:

A couple of weeks ago I spoke to Liam to get some ideas for a SUP overnighter that I could take my kids on. My kids are 8 and nearly 4 years so I was looking for a suitable stretch of water that was neither too extreme nor remote and with relatively short distances, not only did he come up with a great location but also very kindly suggested I try the Red Paddle Tandem. He also warned me that it was “a beast”!! Well, it is a beast but in a very good way! It is a really solid and stable board that it made the trip easy and a real pleasure. I put a kayak seat on the front for my youngest to sit/chill/fall asleep in, and packed it to the hilt with all of our kit – and I didn’t pack light! It has so much volume (over 700 litres) and with it being 8 inches thick it’s a very dry ride for passengers and kit. My daughter spent most of her time on her own sup – a Red Paddle Snapper, but also joined us on the Tandem. They could move about and swap places without any fear of capsize due to its stability. Incidentally, if your kids are really keen to get into paddle boarding it’s worth getting either a child specific or simply a narrow board (23”-27”) so they develop the proper paddling technique, the high resale price of the Red boards makes them good value compared to other brands.

The Red Paddle Tandem is also quick once you get it up to speed. I mostly paddled it solo but tried it with two adults and it really shifts. It’s capable of, and has more than enough space to take three adults! So, it’s great for touring and trips. Anchored off the beach it would make an awesome base for your kids and their friends to play on! It’s stability means it’s also a great tool for introducing people to paddle boarding. Add in the fact that it’s easy to paddle on your own makes it really is a very versatile board, and at the end of the season you can deflate it and store in the garage! It’s also light enough for one person to carry, and multiple handles makes it easy to transport even when loaded. Throwing it on the roof of the van is easy, and it’s more than stiff enough to leave it on there for a decent journey.

I’ve used another in the Voyager range, the 13’2, for a two day trip down the Wye. Again it has the same very solid feel to it due to the 6 inch thickness, the Red Paddle MSL technology and the stiffening battens. It’s another board you can fully load up and it makes little difference to it’s performance. So to sum up, the Tandem is not a gimmick, it works on many levels. Talk to the crew at AS, you can try all the boards and you’ll get the right advice and customer service.

Red Paddle Co 15' Voyager Tandem Package

We’d like to say a big thank you to Tom for the write-up and stunning pictures! If you would like to try the Tandem paddleboard for yourself,  we have one in the shop that can be taken out on the canal for just £20 for 2 hours!  Want to adventure further afield? Contact us and we can arrange a longer demo.

We love having the Tandem on the fleet, it goes out on most of our paddleboard and pub social evenings! It’s great fun and a perfect platform for all sorts of adventures.

Red Paddle Co 15′ Voyager Tandem Paddleboard – The Specs

Length (ft)

Width (in)

Thickness (in)

Board Weight (kg)

Kayaking the Great Glen

Kayaking the Great Glen

Having talked about going on a multiday adventure, the Great Glen seemed like a good choice. It’s long enough to be a challenge, feels pretty remote but in reality is not and the scenery is fantastic. The next decision was ‘when’. Planning our trip for the end of April / beginning of May was a bit of a gamble with the weather but decided we’d rather be cold than covered in midges.

We started at the top of Neptune’s staircase, near Fort William, with glorious sun and 20 degrees. We were all wondering if we were going to regret the choice to wear drysuits but were certainly glad of our decision later in the week when the weather changed to 5 degrees and hail.
We completed the trip in 4 days with 3 nights of wild camping. Our first night we camped on a beach on the northern shore of Loch Lochy. There is a designated wild camping spot a little further along the loch but it was a bit too far for us to make on our first day. The next two nights were spent on Loch Ness, the first was a small patch of woodland near Fort Augustus, and the second was a picnic spot with views across the loch to Urquhart Castle. We managed to find suitable sites to pitch our tents but taking a hammock would have given a lot more opportunities for some great camping spots as there are plenty of trees along the shores.

Some of the most useful kit we were glad to have with us were:

  1. Tarp: This came in really handy on the evenings it rained
  2. Water carriers: We had some flexible plastic water carriers which we filled up at water points along the canals. To get access to water points and toilets you can borrow a key from the canal offices for £10 per person.
  3. Big IKEA bags: These were really useful to have available in the boat to gather up kit and carry to your camp spot if it’s a little way from the shore

We wished we’d had:

  1. More and smaller dry bags: Having a few more options to separate wet and dry items would have been good. We also found some of our larger dry bags were difficult to get through the hatches in the sea kayaks
  2. Spare shoes: We actually had a lot more space in the sea kayaks than we had anticipated, and all agreed that if we had known this, we’d have packed a change of shoes for the evenings.

AS kindly lent us some their Werner Shuna demo paddles, thank you! The Werner Shunas are great paddles; lightweight, comfortable and glide through the water beautifully. We particularly liked how they are splits and the feather can be set at different angles to suit. They also come in some great colours!

Jo & Noah


Werner Shuna Touring Paddles

Paddleboard & Pub 2019

Paddleboard & Pub 2019

We are going paddleboarding, and you are invited!

Social SUP paddle on the Exeter Canal

It’s going to be a bit of a social and a jolly, come down on your own or bring some friends. Once we have our balance we will gently cruise about, play on the water and maybe visit one of the great waterside pubs. We will throw out some tips and make sure people are comfortable but this is not a teaching session. If you have your own board – no booking needed and it’s free to come! If you need to hire a board it’s £20 and booking is essential

The LocationPaddleboard Hire

What’s The Plan?

Be at the shop 6.30pm ready to go. It’s going to be a bit of a social and a jolly on the Exeter Canal. Come down on your own or bring some friends. Once we have our balance we will gently cruise about, play on the water and maybe visit one of the great waterside pubs. We will aim to be back at the shop around 8.45pm (ish) We have a couple of fitting rooms at the shop and secure place to leave bags. If you have your own board – no booking needed and it’s free to come! If you need to hire a board it’s £20 and booking is essential – see below.

Whose it for?

For those that want to experience paddle boarding, have a fun evening and meet some other paddle boarders. This session is for over 18s only (Sorry). We will throw out some tips and make sure people are comfortable but this is not a teaching session – if you feel like you need some tuition before you join something like this then book onto one of our Paddleboard taster sessions

How to Book and what do you provide?

Book a board by calling us on 01392 219600, full payment is required to reserve a board. We supply a Red Paddle Ride 10’6 or 10’8 paddleboard, paddle, leash and buoyancy aid .(the buoyancy aid must be worn at all times while using our equipment). We recommend wearing quick-drying sports clothing and bringing a change of clothes. There is no need to go in the water, but there is always a chance you may fall in. If you have your own board there is no need to book – just turn up and be ready to get on the water at 6.30pm.   Liam, one of our instructors will be there to hand out some boards, tips and to answer questions.

Please call the shop on 01392 219600 to book a board!

Upcoming Dates

Be at the shop, ready to go at 6.30pm. We will aim to be back at the shop around 8.45pm

Last of the season! Wednesday 25th September – 6.30pm – Bring a headtorch!

Wednesday 5th June 2019

Wednesday 26th June 2019

Wednesday 10th July 2019

Wednesday 24th July 2019

Wednesday 7th August 2019

Wednesday 21st August 2019

Where We Are

AS Watersports, 1 Terracina Court, Haven Road, Exeter, EX2 8DP

Red Paddle Co Demo Boards

We have a huge range of Red Paddle Co Demo boards available if you would like to try a specific model. Please leave a comment when booking. We cannot guarantee it will be available to use, we will contact you asap if there are any issues.

Crewsaver Petfloat Dog Buoyancy Aid – Product Feature

Crewsaver Petfloat Dog Buoyancy Aid – Product Feature


Find out how Beth’s background and experience bought her to Crewsaver and her involvement in developing the popular Petfloat

About Beth… Beth started off by working as a machinist for a clothing manufacturer, which inspired her to complete a master’s degree in performance sportswear. As part of her degree Beth took up a work experience opportunity at Crewsaver, during this time Beth took the lead role on the redesign of the Petfloat buoyancy aid and completed her dissertation on the innovative developments. On completion of her dissertation Beth then joined Crewsaver as a full time employee.

When was Crewsaver founded and how has it evolved since? How would you describe the philosophy behind the brand?

Crewsaver are experts in the design and manufacture of personal flotation devices for marine use, whether it be for adults,
children or even your beloved four legged friend, we will have a lifejacket or buoyancy aid to suit. Crewsaver was founded
in 1957 and our brand ethos is ‘safer by design’ which is something that we are passionate about and take to heart. Our
design team is always looking to push the boundaries in design to offer the safest products on the market, whilst delivering
the ultimate in comfort. This ensures the user wears their lifejacket or buoyancy aid happily for long periods of time. After all,
a lifejacket or buoyancy aid is only going to work if worn!

What is the story behind the Petfloat? What inspired its design?

Here at Crewsaver we want to ensure your loved ones don’t
miss out on a day around (and in!) the water with you. Humans
shouldn’t be the only species that are kept safe whilst on the
water. From the soft foam construction to the development of
the ergonomic shape, a lot of the key inspirations for the Crewsaver Petfloat
were drawn from the Crewsaver (and Crewsaver’s paddling
brand, Yak) buoyancy aid range that I am also heavily involved
in designing.

Where is this Petfloat designed? What is it made of?

The Petfloat is fully designed at Crewsaver HQ in Hampshire, UK the same as all Crewsaver products. The core component of
the Petfloat is the super soft foam which ensures that it moulds to the pet’s body and remains comfortable to wear throughout
the day.


What are the strengths of this Petfloat that truly set it apart?

As with all of our products, we have put a lot of thought into the design of the product. We wanted to design something that
was as safe as possible whilst ensuring superior comfort. The soft closed-cell foam provides your pet with their own buoyancy
aid which works to reduce fatigue when in the water either during an emergency or for general in-water play. The low profile
design is comfortable, easy to fit and includes an integral handle that provides a load spreader lift point, perfect for when your
pet decides to go for a swim! The Petfloat also comes with a handy pocket for lead and disposable bag storage.

How have floating devices evolved and improved over the last few years?

The Petfloat has developed into a number of different things, in particular our work with the military has lead us to design a
specialist Petfloat for military application and also a Petfloat with an integrated harness point so that the dog can be airlifted if

Did you test the Petfloat with various types of dogs in real-life scenarios?

Absolutely, this is vital for the products development. After
an extensive design process, we spent many weekends
in Southsea approaching people and much to their
amusement… borrowing their dogs to test the Petfloat!
We also have a great video on Petfloats which we did with
the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) below, you will see a
variety of dogs comfortably swimming and staying safe in
the Petfloat.

Since designing the Petfloat what has this lead on to?

The Crewsaver internship opened up many unusual and wonderful
projects for me. Crewsaver is the only company to hold an exclusive
contract to supply lifejackets to the UK government’s Environment
Agency and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) and I can
proudly say that I have been involved with both. A very recent project
of ours and one that has involved over 18 months of development
are the custom buoyancy aids for America’s Cup Challenger, Artemis
Racing. From built in body armour to spare air integration points these
unique buoyancy aids offer the very best in racing performance. A lot of
technology found in our leisure range (Crewsaver and paddling brand,
Yak) has been inspired from developments made within our commercial
sector and also with our top sponsored athletes. For example the
ErgoFit 50N Extreme buoyancy aid, as designed for Artemis Racing will
soon be made available to purchase, giving everybody the opportunity
to benefit from the same advanced safety and performance technology
as an America’s Cup sailor!

Crewsaver Petfloat

Crewsaver Petfloat

Crewsaver Petfloat Dog PFD