What to Wear Paddleboarding in the Winter

What to Wear Paddleboarding in the Winter

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What to Wear Paddleboarding in the Winter

The ultimate guide on what to wear on your SUP in cold weather!

Not sure what to wear on your paddleboard through the winter months? We have compiled this guide to help you get the most out of your SUP all year round, whatever the weather! Staying warm while on your paddle board is not only more enjoyable, it also makes the sport safer as you are less likely to make mistakes. Getting the right paddle board clothing that will keep you comfortable on the board, and safe if you fall in the water, is extremely important. There are many options from multiple brands, all of the products we stock are made by reputable, mostly british, companies that have been supplying us with watersports equipment for over 30 years. Many of the items that have been honed to perfection to work for kayaking and canoeing are just the right thing to use while paddleboarding in the winter.

There are a few different paths you can go down depending on how much time you are planning to spend in the water and your budget. This guide will run through the options and give you some products to look into. If you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01392 219600 and our experienced staff will guide you through your purchase. Alternatively, come and see our watersports shop, try on and feel the products for yourself in our fully stocked waterside showroom!

Please note this article has been written for the autumn/winter 2020 season. Product specifications, colours and availability are subject to change, please refer to the linked product listing for up to date information.

What type of paddle boarding are you doing?

This guide focuses on ‘touring’ with your SUP, we have found this covers the majority of paddlers getting out in the cold. To keep it simple, we will regard ‘touring’ as anything that isn’t going to the beach and surfing.

Paddleboard surfing through the winter requires a very similar set up to normal surfing; a good winter wetsuit, gloves, boots and a neoprene hood will keep you toasty when you are spending more time in the water than out of it! A full wetsuit is not particularly comfortable when you are not in the water, they still allow cold water to reach your body and they will cool you down rapidly when they are wet and if the wind picks up.

If you are not planning on falling in, we recommend wearing clothing that will keep you dry, while allowing you to wear thermal layers underneath to stay warm if you do go in the water. The key idea is to stay safe if you do fall off your paddleboard, and stay comfortable for long periods of paddling after you have had a dip.

Red Paddle 13'2 Voyager Review
Red Paddle Co Voyager 13'2 Exeter, Devon
Red Paddle Voyager+ 13'2"

Drysuit Vs Wetsuit for SUP

A lot of people we speak to assume that a winter wetsuit is the best answer to SUP in cold weather. There are a few schools of thought, and they definitely have their place, but a 5mm winter wetsuit is not always the answer. A wetsuit works buy letting a small amount of water in between the material and you skin, which then gets warm and stays warm from the thermal properties of the neoprene and your body heat. As you stay submerged, the warmer water is trapped by the suit and stays with you, keeping you at a comfortable temperature. While this is great for surfing and swimming, when paddling, you (hopefully) spend more time out of the water than in it. When you climb back onto your board, the nice warm water will gradually leak out, and you will need to warm it up all over again next time you go in.

Another downside is the cooling effect as water evaporates from the surface of the wetsuit. Once you go for a dip, you will find all your heat is lost when the wind picks up – not great if you still have a distance to go!

A drysuit works by sealing your body off from the water, using stretchy material on the neck and wrists with built in socks. This stops any cold water from reaching your skin, and allows thermal layers underneath to act as if they are not under water. Once you find the combination that works  for you, it can be a quick and simple procedure to get kitted up and out paddleboarding. When you have finished your trip, whip the dry suit off and you are still dry, ready for the drive home.

Drysuits come in a variety of materials, entry methods and different types of seal. As a general rule, the more you pay the more breathable the suit will be which will regulate the heat and moisture inside when you are paddling hard. Latex seals will be the dryest, while neoprene or glideskin will be softer on the skin. A hood is always a nice feature to have when the rain starts, you can tuck yourself away from the elements and concentrate on paddling.

Palm Bora Drysuit

Great for inland and coastal exploration, the Palm Bora range features a stowable hood and soft neoprene neck. Available in Mens & Womens sizes.

  • 4-Layer Breathable Material
  • UltraStretch Neoprene neck, latex wrist seals and built in socks
  • Rear Zip Entry

Kokatat Drysuits

Made in America, Kokatat drysuits use renowned Gore-Tex fabrics to make a range of high performing paddling suits. Available in a range of models to suit the type of paddling, each drysuit is individually pressure tested before it leaves the factory.

  • Kokatat Meridian is a great all rounder with latex seals
  • The Kokatat Odyssey is a high performance touring suit with a packable hood
  • Available in Mens & Womens sizes

Palm Cascade Drysuit

A great all-rounder, the Cascade is easy to get on with its front zip. Latex neck and wrist seals with built-in socks stop the water getting in.

  • 3-Layer Breathable Fabric
  • Reinforced knee panels
  • Available in Mens & Womens sizes

Alder Stealth 5mm Wetsuit

If you are planning on ending up in the water, a 5mm winter wetsuit will keep you warm. With quick-dry lining and glued and blindstiched construction, the Stealth suit is a great option without breaking the bank.

  • 5/4/3mm thickness neoprene
  • Glued & blind-stitched seams
  • Available in Mens & Womens sizes

Palm Blaze Longjohn

This premium Longjohn will keep your core protected – team it up with a spraytop for colder days. The plush waffe lining will take the moisture away from your body, regulating your temperature depending on the conditions.

  • Super stretchy neospan neoprene allows full range of movement.
  • Longjohn cut makes it easy to get on, and your shoulders free to paddle.
  • Available in Mens & Womens sizes

But what if it’s not that cold?

Ther are alternatives to drysuits that will still keep the cold water at bay. Creating a split system with a dry top and waterproof trousers is sometimes the best option, giving you a selection of different outfits to suit the conditions. Will you be launching off the beach, but the sun is out and there is no wind? Wear the dry trousers and take a jacket with you.  Are you halfway through a warm autumn paddle and it’s starting to get a bit miserable? Keep your shorts on, but pop a jacket over your top. Planning a winter SUP epic where the conditions could get very chilly? A twin waisted cag matched up to twin waisted trousers will keep you safe.

Waterproof Paddling Tops

We stock a wide range of jackets and cags designed for all types of watersports, many of which are great for paddleboarding in the winter. Everything we stock is made with enough room to SUP comfortably without restricting movement, so choosing the right top for you comes down to a few key features. The material of the jacket has a big effect on how comfortable you will feel, we always recommend coming into the shop to feel and try on the different options if you can.

The warmth of the jacket primarily comes from protecting you from the wind, we always suggest to layer up properly underneath so you can stay warm if you end up in the water.

A few key things to look out for:

  • Seals – the main difference between most jackets. There are lots of different options for neck, wrist and waist seals, each having pro’s and con’s. For paddleboarding through winter, the better the seal, the safer you will be if you fall in.
    • Neck seals – A latex neck is the driest option, but the least comfortable. An adjustable, opening neck will let you release any heat built up, but can be closed up tight if the conditions require it. A zipped neck will allow the most air in with no material to rub against your skin, but will let water in if your head goes under.
    • Wrist seals – Latex wrists are the most common on upper end jackets, stopping all drips from running down your arm. Adjustable cuffs allow you to pull them in tight to seal from the elements.
    • Waist seal – Typically available in a single or double waist configuration. A double waist will allow you to create a really good barrier when partnered with a pair of dry trousers. A single waist with good adjustment can keep most of the water from making its way through.
  • Material – A good waterproof material will stop water getting in, and allow moisture to breath out, stopping you from feeling hot and sweaty. Each manufacturer names their materials differently, but as a rule of thumb, the more layers it has, the warmer and more breathable it will be.

Red Original Active Jacket

Designed for paddleboarding and other outdoor sports, the Red Original Active jacket features a 4-way stretch fabric, full length zip and packs away into its own pocket. As comfortable on an all-day paddling session as it is walking to the pub.

  • 4-Way stretch material
  • Adjustable and stowable hood.
  • Mens & Womens sizes

Palm Chinook Womens Cag

Available in womens and mens sizing, this twin waisted cag will partner up nicely with a pair of twin waisted dry trousers. A removable hood, adjustable neck and breathable material make this a jacket you will get lots of use from.

  • 2.5 Layer Material
  • Vented outer collar and velcro adjustable neck seal.
  • Twin waist with drawcord adjustment.
  • Available in mens & womens sizing

Palm Terek Jacket

Made from recycled materials, this light-weight but high performing jacket is perfect for cold weather paddle boarding. The zip opening neck helps release heat when the weather is better, while the hood will keep you protected if it starts to rain. Soft neoprene cuffs will stop any drips from running down your arm.

  • 3-Layer Breathable Material
  • Neoprene Wrist Seals
  • Single Waist with hook and loop adjustment

Palm Bora Cag

The ultimate touring cag, for complete protection from the elements. The adjustable neck closes in tight or can be opened to release heat that has built up. The breathable material will keep you comfortable while the latex wrists and twin waist keep you dry.

  • 3-Layer Breathable Material
  • Vented outer collar and adjustable, stowable hood keep you cozy when the weather takes a turn.
  • Twin waist with hook and loop adjustment

Palm Bora Paddle Boarding Jacket for winter

Yak Apollo Jacket

All the features of top-end jackets at a budget price point. Adjustable neck, latex wrists and a twin waist keep you dry and the high-vis stowable hood keeps you comfortable.

  • 2.5 Layer Material
  • Latex Wrist seals and adjustable neck seal
  • Twin waist with hook and loop adjustment

Palm Vector Cag

A good quality cag that will keep the spray off and stop the wind chill. Velcro adjustable neck, wrist and waist lets you choose how tight you want it. Great to have with you, even on a warmer day.

  • 2 Layer material
  • Velcro adjustable seals
  • Single Waist with hook and loop adjustment
  • Available in mens, womens and junior sizes.

Cheap jacket for winter paddleboarding

What does a twin waist mean, and how does it work?

Traditionally, kayaking cags will have a twin waist – an inner tube and an outer cover. The inner tube goes up against your body, the spraydeck goes over that, with the outer cover on top of them both. This is designed so that when you are in the kayak with the cockpit covered by the spraydeck, it will stop the water getting into the boat when the weather gets rough, or even when rolling.

Obviously, there is no need for a spraydeck on a paddleboard, but a twin waist still has its use when teamed with a pair of dry trousers. Have a look at the diagram below, the double waist creates a “maze” that the water has to go through to get to your body. This does create a few layers over your midriff, which is why a one-piece drysuit becomes a less bulky alternative.

Paddleboarding Trousers

Just like the waterproof jackets, we stock a wide range of paddling legwear too. A good pair will protect against splashes of cold water from your paddle, keep you dry when wading to launch and keep you comfortable if you fall in. Choosing the right winter paddleboarding trousers comes down to selecting the features that will suit you best.

As with the top half, the warmth of the trousers comes from protecting you from the wind, layering up properly underneath to protect you from the water temperature is essential.

A few key things to look out for:

  • Material – As with the drysuit vs wetsuit, neoprene pants are great if you are going in the water. A good pair of dry trousers will be more comfortable; the more layers, the more breathable they will be.
  • Waist Seal – As described above, a twin waist can layer up with a jacket to create a good barrier. Single waist trousers reduce the amount of material around the middle of your body, and can still create a good system with a twin waisted cag. Look for something with a nice big adjuster, this will spread the pressure and help you get a tight fit without digging in.
  • Feet – This is the main choice, mostly down to personal preference and budget;
    • Built in socks – usually a fabric sock made out of a similar material to the rest of the trouser. The ultimate in comfort, these will stop any water from touching your feet or going up inside the leg. An adjustable over-cuff will stop excess flapping around and stop water running into your boots.
    • Latex Ankle seal – The second best option for stopping the water. Your feet will still be open to the elements, but the latex will stop water travelling up the leg. These can feel tight and need to be cared for.
    • Neoprene Calf Seal – Designed to be more comfortable than a latex seal by being a softer material over a longer length. This option will stop the majority of water getting in.
    • Neoprene Cuff – A basic adjuster that will stop splashes, but water will easily make its way up your leg if submerged.

Yak Chinook Trouser

The Yak Chinook trousers are a great entry level dry trouser. Latex ankle seals stop water from running up your leg, while the twin waist matches up to your twin-waisted cag. Reinforced areas extend their life.

  • 2.5 Layer Material with reinforced areas.
  • Latex Ankle Seals.
  • Twin Waist with hook and loop adjustment

Palm Atom Pant

Featuring a twin waist to match up to your cag, built in socks and breathable material the Palm Atom pants are our go-to winter paddleboarding trousers. Wade in up to your waist without any water making it’s way through. Reinforced knees mean you can kneel on your board without causing damage.

  • 3-Layer Breathable Material with reinforced areas.
  • Built in socks.
  • Twin Waist with hook and loop adjustment
  • Available in mens and womens sizing

Palm Atom Pant winter paddleboarding trousers

Palm Blaze Pant

These high quality neoprene pants will keep you warm in the water, while the thermofibre lining and stretchy neospan 3mm neoprene will be comfortable when dry. Reinforced areas protect from damage. Great for warm to cool days on the water.

  • 3mm Neospan Neoprene with Thermofibre Quick Dry lining
  • Glued and Blind-stitched construction
  • Stretchy neoprene makes them easy to get on and off.
  • Available in mens and womens sizing

Palm Vector Pant

A basic splash trouser that will stop the wind. Great to have with you to put on over your neoprene trousers if the wind picks up.

  • 2-Layer Breathable Material
  • Velcro Ankle Cuff
  • Single Waist with drawcord

Our Top Combinations

We help guide a lot of people to the right combination of products in the shop, whilst all of the products will work alongside each other, here are a few of our most common winter SUP clothing set-ups.

The Ultimate Combo


The bib style trousers will keep you dry when wading in, with a built in convenience zip. A top end jacket creates you own cozy environment, perfect for ploughing through when the going gets tough.

Palm Bora Jacket

Palm Tsangpo Mens Thermal

Palm Tsangpo Womens Thermal

Palm Atom Bib

Palm Gradient Boot

The Autumn Paddler


A super comfy lightweight top matched up to trousers with a built in sock is always a winner. Mix and match depending on the condition, but together they will keep you cozy in even the wettest weather. High breathability will to keep you from overheating if the sun comes out for longer than expected!

Palm Terek Jacket

Palm Arun Mens Baselayer

Palm Arun Womens Baselayer

Palm Atom Pant Mens

Palm Atom Pant Womens

Palm Paw Boot

Stay Dry on a Budget


A good quality jacket with all the features of a higher end model, but a more modest price tag, partnered up to twin waisted trousers to keep you dry if you go in. Latex ankle seals mean a thick pair of neoprene boots is essential.

Yak Apollo Jacket

Yak Chinook Trousers

Typhoon Surfmaster Boot

Testing the Water


A good combo for the warmer days of the season and good gear to have on a colder summer day, so still useful if it turns out cold weather paddle boarding isn’t for you.

Palm Vector Mens Cag

Palm Vector Womens Cag

Palm Vector Junior Cag

Palm Quantum Mens Pant

Palm Quantum Womens Pant

Palm Rock Boots

Winter Paddling Accessories

A few key essentials to make life easier and more comfortable while on or around the water. Great for all sorts of watersports and activities.

Changing Robes

We stock a variety of changing robes, our favourite is the Red Original Pro Change Robe, with a waterproof outer and super fluffy quick dry lining. Put it on as soon as you are off the water, and you will be warm and cosy all the way home!

Dewerstone Beanie

Nothing beats a warm bobble hat when the temperature drops! Designed by local Dartmoor brand, Dewerstone.


Palm Tsangpo Thermals

Available as a variety of styles in mens and womens sizing. Made from stretchy Pontetorto fleece material these will keep you warm without overheating. Polygiene odour control reduces the amount of washing needed, easy to care for and better for the environment.


Wetsuit Boots

A good pair of wetsuit boots will get use all year round. The neoprene will keep your feet warm when wet, and can be layered up with a pair of neoprene socks inside.


Neoprene Gloves

Stop your hands from feeling the chill with a pair of neoprene gloves or mitts to protect from the wind and water. Most options feature a grippy palm design to maintain contact on your paddle.


Changing Robes

We stock a variety of changing robes, our favourite is the Red Original Pro Change Robe, with a waterproof outer and super fluffy quick dry lining. Put it on as soon as you are off the water, and you will be warm and cosy all the way home!

Dewerstone Beanie

Nothing beats a warm bobble hat when the temperature drop! Designed by local dartmoor brand, Dewerstone.


Palm Tsangpo Thermals

Available as a variety of style in mens and womens sizing. Made from stretchy Pontetorto fleece material these will keep you warm without overheating. Polygiene odour control reduces the amount of washing needed, easy to care for and better for the environment.


Wetsuit Boots

A good pair of wetsuit boots will get use all year round. The neoprene will keep your feet warm when wet, and can be layered up with a pair of neoprene socks inside.


Neoprene Gloves

Stop your hands from feeling the chill with a pair of neoprene gloves or mitts to protect from the water. Most options feature a grippy palm design to maintain grip on you paddle.


Make the most out of your paddleboard during the colder season.

This information will help narrow down your choices, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us for personalised advice from our experienced staff. Our aim is to get you out and enjoying the sport, and having the right equipment not only makes it more enjoyable, but also safer.

Buying online can be a minefield of descriptions and mixed reviews. We only stock tried and tested products that we would use ourselves, but we always recommend coming into our shop to feel and try the garment on before you purchase.

Happy paddling!

Red Paddle Co Highlight – Why AS?

Red Paddle Co Highlight – Why AS?

Red Paddle Co Highlight – Why AS?

The Shop

Established in 1982, we have been supplying the south west paddlesports community in Exeter for over 35 years!

Just under 10 years ago we noticed that there was a fast growing interest in stand up paddleboarding. As so much of the equipment and apparel that is produced and used for kayaking and canoeing is perfect for paddleboarding, it was an easy decision to introduce the sport into the shop.

As the sport has grown, we have gradually increased the range we have in store, becoming the top Red Paddle Co Preferred Dealer in the south west. We are very proud of our waterside location and large demo fleet, allowing us to get people out on the canal and try the boards for themselves. There is no substitute for getting on a few boards and comparing them back to back!

It’s not all about the boards, we all know that wearing the right equipment can make even the most challenging conditions an exciting adventure! We don’t stock anything we don’t use ourselves, if we don’t trust it, why should we expect you to? With a wide range of clothing from wetsuits to drysuits, buoyancy aids and everything in between, we can get you set up so you will be comfortable whatever the weather.

Preferred Retailer

Authorised Repair Centre

Trusted Retailer

The Location

We like to think we are in the perfect location, being right beside the water we let you try any Red Paddle Co paddleboard, kayak or canoe out on the water.

The historic Exeter shipping canal is sheltered with no tide or current affecting the water, the perfect place to compare different models or even try paddleboarding for the first time with our paddleboard hire or tuition.

There are also plenty of restaurants and coffee shops nearby; including Lutzy’s, The Topsham Brewery and Rockfish. Make a day out of your trip to Devon and add a session at the Quay Climbing Centre right outside our door!


Our Red Paddle Co Paddleboard Demo Fleet

We have all of the core models of the Red Paddle Co 2021 range in-store available to try, the biggest selection of Red Paddle demo boards in the South West! We will be getting the speciality boards when they are release in March 2021

Come and give them all a go and see which is your favourite!

Want to try a board not listed? Contact us and we will see if we can arrange it.

Ready to get on the water?

Red Paddle Co Highlight – The Warranty

Red Paddle Co Highlight – The Warranty

Red Paddle Co Highlight – The Warranty

Red Paddle Co are now offering a 5 year warranty for each board bought from the 2020 range! Just like the 2 year warranty that was avaialable on 2018 and 2019 boards, you will be required to register your board online within 3 months of purchase to activate the extended warranty.

Terms and Conditions apply. Click Here For Full Warranty information

Ready to get on the water?

Red Paddle Co Highlight – The Technology

Red Paddle Co Highlight – The Technology

Red Paddle Co Highlight – The Technology

MSL is recognised as the industry’s leading construction process and is exclusive to Red Paddle Co paddleboards. They are the only inflatable brand in the world that produces boards in their own, private facility meaning no other board comes close.


A SUPERB COSMETIC FINISH – All Red Paddle Co boards have an industry-leading cosmetic finish. No wrinkles or blemishes. The boards look cleaner and smoother and even feel better to the touch.

WEIGHT-SAVING BUT STABLE – All Red Paddle Co boards are up to 2kgs lighter than their previous double layer construction. But very importantly they are not too light. If a board is ultra-light it is more affected by wind and current while on the water. MSL boards have a reassuring lightweight feel.

STIFF AT LOWER PRESSURES – Due to the Torsion Stiffness effect all Red Paddle Co boards are stiffer at lower pressures compared to other products on the market. We recommend a pressure of between 16-22psi. Less pumping and more paddling.

ENHANCED DURABILITY – The multiple-layer coating of Red Paddle Co boards is tough and durable. With the third generation of MSL material now in use, the boards are more durable than ever.

Ready to get on the water?

Red Paddle Co Highlight – The Package

Red Paddle Co Highlight – The Package

Red Paddle Co Highlight – The Package

Every Red Paddle Co paddleboard is sold as part of a complete package. This means you are ready to get out and start using your board straight away, knowing everything is compatible and will work together perfectly. Red Paddle carry their fine attention to detail and desire to create the best possible solution into every product, read on to find out why they are the industry leaders!

The perfect paddleboard package:



All-Terrain Backpack

Take your SUP wherever you go!

No bag existed that met the high demands of Red Paddle Co, so they designed their own. Tested across the globe, it’s made to to cope with sun, sea, sand and abuse. When you’re not out exploring, it serves as the perfect storage unit too.

Top Features:
  • Foil lining  – Keeps your board cool in extreme temperatures, and lets sand slide out.
  • Padded handles – 5 strong handles allow you to grab from every surface.
  • Integrated wheels – High grade ABEC bearing wheels allow you to cruise along.
  • Backpack system – When the going gets rough, use the wide shoulder straps and waist belt to carry on your back. Hides away quickly when not in use.
  • Continous Zip – A coiled zip avoid snagging teeth for easy packing.

Titan Dual Chamber SUP Pump

Two chambers – half the time and effort!

The worlds best paddleboard pump? We think so! Purpose built to inflate Red Paddle Co boards to their required pressure, the Titan pump reduces the time spent getting ready – that means more time on the water!

Top Features:
  • Dual Cylinder  – Allows you to get volume into your board faster, and reduces the amount of effort required to reach a higher pressure.
  • Hi-Flo Handle – Ergonomic, with extra-wide handles for easy use.
  • Plug – 2 stage inflation, simply remove the plug when pumping gets tough.
  • DFD; Designed for Disassembly – All of the components inside the Titan pump are replaceable, this allows easy repairs and reduces waste!

3 Piece Paddle*

Your engine on the water

Paddles are often overlooked by the first-time paddler, but they are an extremely important part of having a good time on your board. As your main connection to the water, getting the best you can afford will make your experience much more enjoyable. There are different types of paddle available when you purchase your board, offering something for every budget and paddler size. To find out more, see the information on the individual paddleboard pages.

Key Points:
  • Blade Material  – Nylon blades are great for beginners, super durable and won’t break the bank. Composite blades (fibreglass or carbon fibre) will be lighter and stiffer. This allows you to paddle for longer and more energy will be transferred into forward movement, rather than flexing the blade.
  • Shaft Material – Alloy shafts are a good option when on a budget, but upgrading to a carbon shaft will reduce the weight drastically, when you are swinging it around all day it makes a big difference!
  • 3-Piece Design – All Red Paddle Co packages* come with a paddle that breaks down and will fit into the bag!

8′ Coiled Paddleboard Leash

Perfect for flat water paddlers

Designed for flat water paddlers and racing, the coil keeps the leash taught and out of the water to reduce drag. Dual pivot points to reduce twist. The leash is supplied with a length of rope so you can use with tradition leash points or can attach directly to the leash points which you can find at the back of any Red Paddle Co board.


Essential replacement parts and spares should you ever need them.

This includes a patch for the front and back of your board, (150mm x 150 mm), a valve tool and instructions all stored in a waterproof can.

*Some paddleboard packages may vary (Speciality, Junior, Multi-person etc.)

Ready to get on the water?

Red Paddle Co 15’0″ Voyager Tandem – Customer Review

Red Paddle Co 15’0″ Voyager Tandem – Customer Review

Red Paddle Co 15’0″ Voyager Tandem – Customer Review

We recently lent our Red Paddle Co 15’0 Voyager Tandem demo board to Tom so he could put it through it’s paces and get his opinion on it, here is his review:

A couple of weeks ago I spoke to Liam to get some ideas for a SUP overnighter that I could take my kids on. My kids are 8 and nearly 4 years so I was looking for a suitable stretch of water that was neither too extreme nor remote and with relatively short distances, not only did he come up with a great location but also very kindly suggested I try the Red Paddle Tandem. He also warned me that it was “a beast”!! Well, it is a beast but in a very good way! It is a really solid and stable board that it made the trip easy and a real pleasure. I put a kayak seat on the front for my youngest to sit/chill/fall asleep in, and packed it to the hilt with all of our kit – and I didn’t pack light! It has so much volume (over 700 litres) and with it being 8 inches thick it’s a very dry ride for passengers and kit. My daughter spent most of her time on her own sup – a Red Paddle Snapper, but also joined us on the Tandem. They could move about and swap places without any fear of capsize due to its stability. Incidentally, if your kids are really keen to get into paddle boarding it’s worth getting either a child specific or simply a narrow board (23”-27”) so they develop the proper paddling technique, the high resale price of the Red boards makes them good value compared to other brands.

The Red Paddle Tandem is also quick once you get it up to speed. I mostly paddled it solo but tried it with two adults and it really shifts. It’s capable of, and has more than enough space to take three adults! So, it’s great for touring and trips. Anchored off the beach it would make an awesome base for your kids and their friends to play on! It’s stability means it’s also a great tool for introducing people to paddle boarding. Add in the fact that it’s easy to paddle on your own makes it really is a very versatile board, and at the end of the season you can deflate it and store in the garage! It’s also light enough for one person to carry, and multiple handles makes it easy to transport even when loaded. Throwing it on the roof of the van is easy, and it’s more than stiff enough to leave it on there for a decent journey.

I’ve used another in the Voyager range, the 13’2, for a two day trip down the Wye. Again it has the same very solid feel to it due to the 6 inch thickness, the Red Paddle MSL technology and the stiffening battens. It’s another board you can fully load up and it makes little difference to it’s performance. So to sum up, the Tandem is not a gimmick, it works on many levels. Talk to the crew at AS, you can try all the boards and you’ll get the right advice and customer service.

Red Paddle Co 15' Voyager Tandem Package

We’d like to say a big thank you to Tom for the write-up and stunning pictures! If you would like to try the Tandem paddleboard for yourself,  we have one in the shop that can be taken out on the canal for just £20 for 2 hours!  Want to adventure further afield? Contact us and we can arrange a longer demo.

We love having the Tandem on the fleet, it goes out on most of our paddleboard and pub social evenings! It’s great fun and a perfect platform for all sorts of adventures.

Red Paddle Co 15′ Voyager Tandem Paddleboard – The Specs

Length (ft)

Width (in)

Thickness (in)

Board Weight (kg)