Red Paddle Co Highlight – The Package

Every Red Paddle Co paddleboard is sold as part of a complete package. This means you are ready to get out and start using your board straight away, knowing everything is compatible and will work together perfectly. Red Paddle carry their fine attention to detail and desire to create the best possible solution into every product, read on to find out why they are the industry leaders!

The perfect paddleboard package:



All-Terrain Backpack

Take your SUP wherever you go!

No bag existed that met the high demands of Red Paddle Co, so they designed their own. Tested across the globe, it’s made to to cope with sun, sea, sand and abuse. When you’re not out exploring, it serves as the perfect storage unit too.

Top Features:
  • Foil lining  – Keeps your board cool in extreme temperatures, and lets sand slide out.
  • Padded handles – 5 strong handles allow you to grab from every surface.
  • Integrated wheels – High grade ABEC bearing wheels allow you to cruise along.
  • Backpack system – When the going gets rough, use the wide shoulder straps and waist belt to carry on your back. Hides away quickly when not in use.
  • Continous Zip – A coiled zip avoid snagging teeth for easy packing.

Titan Dual Chamber SUP Pump

Two chambers – half the time and effort!

The worlds best paddleboard pump? We think so! Purpose built to inflate Red Paddle Co boards to their required pressure, the Titan pump reduces the time spent getting ready – that means more time on the water!

Top Features:
  • Dual Cylinder  – Allows you to get volume into your board faster, and reduces the amount of effort required to reach a higher pressure.
  • Hi-Flo Handle – Ergonomic, with extra-wide handles for easy use.
  • Plug – 2 stage inflation, simply remove the plug when pumping gets tough.
  • DFD; Designed for Disassembly – All of the components inside the Titan pump are replaceable, this allows easy repairs and reduces waste!

3 Piece Paddle*

Your engine on the water

Paddles are often overlooked by the first-time paddler, but they are an extremely important part of having a good time on your board. As your main connection to the water, getting the best you can afford will make your experience much more enjoyable. There are different types of paddle available when you purchase your board, offering something for every budget and paddler size. To find out more, see the information on the individual paddleboard pages.

Key Points:
  • Blade Material  – Nylon blades are great for beginners, super durable and won’t break the bank. Composite blades (fibreglass or carbon fibre) will be lighter and stiffer. This allows you to paddle for longer and more energy will be transferred into forward movement, rather than flexing the blade.
  • Shaft Material – Alloy shafts are a good option when on a budget, but upgrading to a carbon shaft will reduce the weight drastically, when you are swinging it around all day it makes a big difference!
  • 3-Piece Design – All Red Paddle Co packages* come with a paddle that breaks down and will fit into the bag!

8′ Coiled Paddleboard Leash

Perfect for flat water paddlers

Designed for flat water paddlers and racing, the coil keeps the leash taught and out of the water to reduce drag. Dual pivot points to reduce twist. The leash is supplied with a length of rope so you can use with tradition leash points or can attach directly to the leash points which you can find at the back of any Red Paddle Co board.


Essential replacement parts and spares should you ever need them.

This includes a patch for the front and back of your board, (150mm x 150 mm), a valve tool and instructions all stored in a waterproof can.

*Some paddleboard packages may vary (Speciality, Junior, Multi-person etc.)

Ready to get on the water?