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Demo Boats

We have a large range of Demo Kayaks, Canoes and Sit-on-tops available for you to try out. All these kayaks and canoes are available to take away. We are also happy to put stock boats on the canal outside the shop.

Kayaks and Canoes for sale. Use our boat guide for more information about each category of boats that we sell.
See our new Devon Kayaking Guide


Recreational Kayaks

Recreational Kayak is a type of kayak that is designed for the casual paddler interested in day trips, fishing, photography, or general exploration on flat and sheltered water such as lakes, slow moving rivers, very clam seas, canals and estuary’s.

Kayaks Mail Order Recreational Kayaks

Touring Kayak

Touring kayaks are used for journeying on the sea, coastlines, estuaries, rivers, lakes and canals. This could be day trips or longer. The difference’s between touring kayaks and a full on sea kayak is that touring kayaks generally have a wider flatter hull and larger more open cockpits.

Touring Kayaks Recreational Kayaks

Sit On Top Kayaks

Sit-On-Top kayaks are just that; a kayak that has had the deck and cockpit removed. You sit on top rather than sit inside. Sit-On-Top Kayaks do not require a spray skirt as water that enters the cockpit drains out through scupper holes - tubes that run from the cockpit to the bottom of the hull.

  Open Kayak
Sit On Kayak

White Water Kayaking

White water kayaking involves paddling in faster flowing, moving and broken water.

This can include fast moving and steep descents down Alpine style rivers with rocks, boulders, drops and waterfalls also known as Creeking or River Running. White water kayaking can also involve Freestyle kayaking or Play boating which involves performing tricks and moves in the white water features.

  Open Kayak
Sit On Kayak

Sea Fishing Kayaks

The sea kayak is the direct descendant from the traditional designs styles of the original kayaks. Modern sea kayaks are constructed from a wide variety of materials and in a range of style.

Specially designed fishing kayaks have evolved from the sit on top kayaks with added features such as rod holders, anchor systems and electronic fish finders.

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Sea Kayaks

Junior Equipment

Devon Kayak suppliers AS Watersports offer a wide range of watersports equipment to suit children of all ages.


  Kayak kids
Junior Kayaks

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