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Sea Kayak Safety

If you are planning to do any kind of paddling, even if it’s just in sheltered water, some kind of safety equipment as well as the knowledge to use it correctly is important.

Safety begins with the equipment you are wearing, and anyone heading out on the water should be wearing a Buoyancy aid as a minimum. Check out the Buoyancy aid buyers guide. Having the right sort of kit to keep the elements out and the heat in while you are on the water is important too, so why not check our Paddling gear for sea kayaking guide.

Here are some other pieces of kit that we really recommend to take with you on the water.

A mobile phone or VHF radio on your person, in case you were to be separated from your boat. In a ideal world everyone who is going to venture on to the sea would get a VHF licence and a VHF (bear in mind its illegal to use a VHF without a licence). The other option is to get an Aquapac waterproof case for your phone. These cases are 100% waterproof and because of the soft touch clear fabric you can use the phone through the pouch.

Paddle leashes A paddle leash (shown right) makes sure your paddle stays with your boat so you don’t end up “up a creek without a paddle.” You would be amazed how fast your boat and paddle would separate if they weren’t leashed.

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Towlines can be used to assist a tired/injured/cold paddler back to shore or for just keeping together. Others use a towline to leash themselves to the boat when sat at anchor. If you were to fall off in flow when sat at anchor, then it will keep you attached to your boat and allow you to re - enter. All towlines are on a quick release buckle in case you need to escape the system quickly.

Safety Knife. Fishing lines, Towlines etc don’t mix well with moving water so having an easily accessible knife to snip lines or rope if need be. All knifes should be single hand opening. 

Be seen with SOLAS Tape. SOLAS tape is very clever stuff and if you paddle in the night it really is a must. It’s worth considering adding some to your paddles in case you need to wave for attention. SOLAS reflective panels can reflect light form up to 2000 feet away depending on the strength of light source.

Having the skills to paddle your kayak well and knowing what to do if things go wrong is highly important and allows you to enjoy the sport more. Learn safely and get some coaching with a professional experienced instructor. Here at AS Watersports we offer a range of courses to get you started. The aspiring Kayak angler we recommend sit on top skills and safety courses , one-to-one sessions or a private booking with friends that can be tailored to your needs. We supply all equipment on our courses but your’e more than welcome to bring your own.

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