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Choosing the correct KAYAK paddle will be dependant on the following factors:

  • The size, width and weight of the kayak you are using
  • Your own personal level of fitness and height
  • Paddling conditions e.g. wind, current, typical size of river or lake etc
  • The duration of the outing
  • Personal choice and preference

Recreational Kayak Paddles.

Bending branches recreational kayak paddles are designed to suit all types of paddling and age ranges so you can just get on the water and have fun. The durability and design of bending branches recreational family paddles cannot be beaten. All of the recreational paddles are made up of a two-piece and the blades are durable, lightweight and made from glass-filled polypropylene.

Recreational touring "Glide" Kayak Paddles.

This type of paddle is built specifically for day tripping, exploring or river running. With all the performance features that you need from your blade, this range of paddles will give you the power you need. Available in black or a highly visible colour.

The Glide series, perfect for low angle paddling and therefore touring kayakers, this range of paddles are made from injection moulded nylon blade that have been reinforced with carbon or fibreglass.

Kayak paddles Bending Branches

Recreational Touring "Slice" Kayak Paddles.

This type of paddle is built specifically for day tripping, exploring or river running. With all the performance features that you need from your blade, this range of paddles will give you the power you need. Available in black or a highly visible colour.

The slice is an excellent recreational paddle or if you are using more advanced strokes. The slice is ideal for high-angle paddling and features a nylon injection-molded blade, reinforced with either carbon ( in black) or fibreglass (bright orange).

Fishing Kayak Paddles.

Bending Branches innovative angler kayak paddles are available in either the composite breeze day blade or injection moulded Slice blade. To make sure that you are seen on the water, all of the paddle blades come in highly visible colours. The angler kayak paddles feature all of the performance features of the standard kayak paddles but a tape measure has been added and sealed it on permanently.

Wood Kayak Paddles.

Wood is a natural and ideal material for building paddles. They are characteristically elegant and feel great, they offer a softness that is easy on the hands and body. They also provide a natural flex and quite entry and exit in to water.

Style, Surface Area and Blade Shape

  • Shorter, wider blades and shorter paddle length are typically used for high-angle paddlers as they keep the paddle shaft more vertical during a stroke. This then allows for a more powerful, athletic stroke.
  • Longer, thinner paddle blades are used for low-angle strokes,as the paddlers keeps the paddle relatively horizontal, this style of paddling is used when touring as it is less fatiguing.
  • Larger blades are used by paddlers wanting a bigger 'bite' to allow for more power. However paddlers that want a more casual pace use a smaller paddle with less surface area.
  • All paddle blades are dihedral shaped - a shallow v-shaped cross section that allows for a smooth pull through the water without flutter.

Blade Materials

  • Bending Branches compression moulded carbon or fibreglass composites to make the the ultimate paddle blade. These type of blades are ultra light and stiff making them perfect for long trips.
  • For a perfect blend of durability and weight an injection moulded blade is what you are looking for. Ideal if you are frequently pushing off rocks. Polypropylene or nylon blades that are reinforced with carbon or glass are great for all conditions.
  • The buoyancy and stiffness of wooden blades is favoured greatly by traditionalists, even if they are slightly heavier than their plastic counterparts.

Shaft Material

Shafts made from aluminium are light, strong and inexpensive so they are perfectly suited to beginners on the water. A fibreglass shaft will however a great level of warmth on your hands and is lightweight so will improve endurance. The carbon shafts help to dramatically reduce the weight of a paddle to allow for longer paddling and reduce fatigue, whilst remaining stiff, responsive and efficient.

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