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Grey Owl Paddles

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What makes a great paddle?

Grey Owl Paddles
Kayak Paddles
Kayak Paddles Grey Owl
Grey Owl Kayak Paddles

Grey Owl kayak paddles

Why Choose a Wooden Paddle?

Wood is a natural composite that has some very unique qualities including its stiffness, strength, resilience, durability and buoyancy. Due to the fact that wood is a natural material, no two pieces are exactly the same providing a broader range of individual choice. Single models will vary slightly in flex pattern, stiffness and action, providing you the consumer with a greater range of choice when choosing your perfect paddle.

The feel and beauty of a real wood paddle cannot be matched, canoeist and kayakers will agree that the feel of a wooden paddle is simply unbeatable.

A number of factors will affect whether a paddle is great or not these include:

  1. Grip - A paddle should just fill the palm - so that you can hold it with ease and without causing strain.
  2. Paddle Blade - A paddle blade that cuts in to the water surface with ease and pulls without flutter.
  3. Swing Weight - A good swing weight that is not so heavy that it will quickly cause fatigue, particularly important when touring.
  4. Durability - The paddle should be durable to allow it to withstand the elements and demands of the sport.
  5. Price - Select a paddle that you can afford and has the best combination of the qualities listed above.

Grey Owl paddles have spent many years researching and developing innovative new paddle designs and continue to do so to this day. This in depth research and development has allowed Grey Owl to produce the most advanced wooden paddles available on the market today.

The materials used to make a Grey Owl Paddle are of the very highest quality from the wood, through to the varnish and glue.

Grey Owl wooden paddles have cambered, fine edges that allow for maximum efficiency. The shaft either made from solid wood or laminated wood composite are oval shaped to provide the correct amount of flex, comfort and strength. Grips are available in a variety of sixes and shapes to allow for hours of fatigue free paddling.

So whatever model of Grey Owl Paddle you choose you are sure to find a paddle that fit your hand like a glove and glides through the water.


Kayak Paddles
Kayak Paddles Grey owl
Grey owl kayak paddles

Why choose a composite paddle?

Composite canoe and kayak paddles are durable, stiff, lightweight, and sleek.
Composite kayak paddles from Grey Owl have evolved from the great success of their legendary wooden paddle ranges. The composite paddles complement their already fantastic ranges of paddles.

Although composite paddles somewhat lack the beauty and feel of a wooden paddle they excel in other areas and can provide dimensions that are not available with a wooden paddle.

Composite, high-tech, moulded materials allow for a light yet stiff paddle with extreme curves, dihedral blades and tips that cut through water like a knife edge.

Composite paddles are extremely durable, but not completely indestructible. They do however require much less maintenance then a wooden equivalent.

Whether you are an experienced or novice kayaker, Grey Owl paddles will have something that will suit you and your needs.

Visit our online shop to see the range of Grey Owl paddles we have available for purchase.

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