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Touring Kayaks
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Touring Kayaks are used for journeying on the sea, estuaries, calm rivers, lakes and canals. This could be for a few hours, day trips or longer. The difference between touring kayaks and a sea kayak is that touring kayaks are generally shorter, have a wider flatter hull and larger more open cockpits.

A prime example is the Venture Easky 13  and 15 also a very popular kayak that has been popular this year is the Perception Expression 14 and 15  between the two sizes they feet most paddles comfortable.

This gives more stability on flatter water but when it gets rough the flatter hull tends to follow the surface of the water which can make the kayak pitch and roll a little more making the kayak less stable and more suited to calmer water.

Touring kayaks are great for beginner to intermediate paddlers looking to venture further or do short trips, with the possibility of carrying equipment, such as camping and cooking gear. Touring kayaks tend to be between 12-15 feet in length with two to three storage hatches, a skeg or rudder. If your looking for a bit more speed and your a bit more confident then check out Sea Kayaks.

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Dagger recreational kayaks reviews Perception recreational kayaks reviews  
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Construction and features
Most touring kayaks are made from rotomoulded polyethylene plastic; this is the same material as used in whitewater kayaks. It’s tough, durable and relatively lightweight.
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A skeg is a fin fitted into a recessed area in the rear underside of the kayak. This is operated by a string or cable that is connected to a slider on the side of the kayak near the cockpit, allowing the paddler to adjust the amount of skeg actually in the water.

They are used to help maintain directional control of the kayak and can be extremely helpful when you have got a strong cross wind. Keeping the skeg down will help to keep you in a straight line, but will hinder turning, so its best to remember to bring it up when you want to turn. This is the most common option chosen by people and is generally fitted as standard.
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Expression skeg close up

Advantages of Skegs

Easy to use. Less chance of damage in transit, because it flips up into the kayak. Very useful in cross winds.

Disadvantages of Skegs

Can get jammed by small pebbles and sand. Takes up space in the rear storage compartment.

The rudder is an adjustable fin that is fitted to the very rear of the kayak, it is controlled via pedals on the footrests. When not needed they can usually be flipped back onto the rear deck and secured. They are used to keep the kayak in a straight line, but also to aid turning. They can be used to turn the kayak, instead of putting the kayak on edge or in addition. Generally not fitted as standard, they can be requested when ordering a kayak and then will be fitted at the factory.
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Advantages of Rudders

Makes turning easier without the need for edging. Hands free operation.

Disadvantages of Rudders

Not so good at controlling the kayak in cross winds. More external parts to go wrong/ lose. Stays in the water and creates drag.

Touring Kayak Jargon

Rocker – rise of the bow and stern (banana shape), more rocker makes the kayak slower but more manoeuvrable and vice versa.

Tracking – how well it paddles in a straight line.

Initial Stability – how stable or unstable the kayak first feels when you get into it

Secondary Stability – how stable the kayak feels when it is put onto edge

Waterline – the length of the kayak that is in the water, this is usually less if the kayak has more rocker. This dictates how fast the kayak is and how easily it turns.

Touring Kayaks for sale, buy here!

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