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Werner Kayak Paddles
Werner Kayak Paddles

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Werner Paddles kayak paddles

Handcrafted Construction

All Werner premium and performance kayak paddles are hand crafted from high quality fibreglass or carbon weave materials and epoxy resin using a pressure moulding process, allowing Werner to achieve the perfect balance between a durable and light weight paddle.

Werner recreational paddle lines have both advanced blade designs and nylon reinforced with fibreglass to provide keen kayakers with a recreational paddle renowned for its' very light swing, smooth sturdy stroke and performance. They are also the only paddle company to manufacture their own paddle shaft in-house.

Quality Control

Werner paddles are tested in controlled environments as well as . They are put through vigorous testing and the paddle shaft have sensors attached to them that are linked to computer to test torque and flutter, enabling designs to be refined to minimise torque and flutter. Other things the paddles are tested for include strength, durability and buoyancy.

Only after paddles completely fulfills Werner's high quality and performance standards are they moved into production.

Advanced Design Features

Kayak Paddles

Werner paddles

High and Low Angle Paddles

Common kayak paddle styles include low angle and high angle, simply referring to the angle in which the paddle enters the water.

Low angle is the most common out of the two styles of paddling, due to it's more relaxed nature. Werner paddles are much longer in design with narrow blades for a smooth yet powerful stroke.

High angle is much more aggressive in style. For this reason high angle Werner paddles are much shorter in length so that the upper arm does not have to be over extended.

Paddle Swing Weight

Swing weight is extremely important for a kayaker, particularly for Touring, as a heavy swing weight will lead to fatigue much more quickly than a paddle with a light swing weight.

Paddles weights do not directly indicate swing weights, as the weight may be at the blade or at the shaft. A simple way to test a paddle for swing weight is to hold it with one hand horizontally and tip it from side to side. The paddle should feel light and well balanced.

Werner engineer their kayak paddles so that they distribute the weight evenly and provide a light swing weight. Werner performance paddles can provide an even lighter swing weight as they are made form ultra light weight carbon fibre.
Kayak Paddles
Standard and Small Diameter Paddle Shaft

A good fitting paddle will be dependant on a number of factors including paddle size/diameter. The correct paddle size will allow a light but good grip of the paddle is needed to create a comfortable and controlled paddle swing.

Werner kayak paddle

kayak paddle Werner

kayak paddles Werner

kayak paddles

kayak paddle

kayak paddle Werner

Werner kayak paddles

Werner paddles
Neutral Bent Shaft

The main advantages of a neutral bent paddle shaft are the wrist is aligned naturally so it reduces strain and promotes longer endurance, leverage is stable during all strokes thus making the paddle much more comfortable and maintain good grip.

Straight Shaft

The straight shaft paddle is very popular with kayakers as it is a durable yet light weight paddle that allows a straight and constant area of grip.
The natural wrist alignment of the neutral bent shaft paddle can be achieved by loosening outer fingers during a stroke.

Asymmetrical Blade Shape

Torque is caused by unequal pressure on each half of the paddle blade when entering and exiting the water and causes a twisting motion.
An asymmetrical blade can help to reduce torque, the dotted line on the diagram shows the part of the paddle that is cut away, allowing a more equal force and minimised torque resulting in a paddle that is smooth when pulled through the water.

Performance Core Touring Paddle - Cross Section
Due to the strong dihedral and ultra smooth back the Werner performance core touring paddle designs allow for very smooth sculling and forward strokes.

Werner Touring Paddle -
Cross Section
The design of the Werner touring paddle helps to reduce fatigue and low angle designs have reduced flutter due to the strong dihedral design, allowing a super smooth forward stoke.

Performance Core Whitewater Paddle
- Cross Section
This paddle has no dihedral angle and are specifically designed to provide the very smoothest manoeuvring strokes. These paddles also have great stability and buoyancy.

Whitewater Paddle - Cross Section
These kayak paddle ranges feature a slight dihedral to allow smooth linking strokes.

Recreational Whitewater Paddle
- Cross Section
These kayak paddle ranges also feature a slight dihedral to allow smooth linking strokes.
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