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Spray Decks

Devon Spraydecks Devon canoe and kayak suppliers, AS Watersports are based in Exeter and offer a wide range of essential canoe and kayak equipment including spraydecks which are available for purchase from their online shop and Devon store.

A spraydeck (aka spraycover or sprayskirt) is a flexible cover for a boat, in particular for a kayak or a canoe. A spraydeck is used to prevent water from entering the boat whilst allowing one or more passengers to sit in the boat and paddle.

Nylon Spraydecks Devon

A spraydeck is a sheet of made out of water-tight cloth sized to fit over the opening, or cockpit, of the canoe or kayak.

A spraydeck has an opening to allow a passenger to sit in the boat. Each opening is encircled by a line or elastic string, this makes it possible for the passenger to tighten the spraydeck around the body of the passenger.

Kayak Spraydeck

The spraydeck on a kayak is secured to a rim surrounding the cockpit with a line or elastic string. The line or string is tied around the rim or stretched over it. It is important for the fastening to be as tight as possible in order to prevent water infiltrating, but must also able to be quickly released in the event of the boast capsizing enabling the passenger to exit the boat.

When a spraydeck is properly sealed it will allow a kayaker to perform an eskimo roll and continue paddling without the need to bail out.

Nylon Spraydecks

Nylon Spraydecks are great for beginners and for people who regularly use different boats. Nylon Spraydecks can be easily resized to fit different sized cockpits.
However nylon spraydecks have their disadvantages as they will not keep the water out as well as other spraydeck materials such as neoprene.
If you are a whitewater kayaker a nylon spraydeck should be avoided as they will collapse in Grade II whitewater.

Canoe Spraydeck

The spraydeck on a canoe is secured to the outside of the hull with string or cords to a webbing installed specifically for this purpose. Modern spraydeck designs have a number of safety and convenience features such as pockets for maps and paddles, access openings, and tie-down straps.

A spraydeck on a canoe may not just be used as is a safety item but also for comfort. During cold and rainy weather, a spraydeck will keep the lower body of the canoers dry and warm, and help prevent rain from building up a puddle at the bottom of the canoe.

Whitewater Spraydecks Devon

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