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Q1. Do you have a shop?
Q2. Can I demo a boat before buying?
Q3. What’s the difference between a kayak and canoe?
Q4. How do I return items?
Q.5 Do you offer tuition?
Q6. Where can I go kayaking/ canoeing?
Q7. How can I transport my kayak/canoe?
Q8. Do you offer a repair service?
Q9. How do I store my kayak/canoe?
Q10. What size spray deck do I need for my kayak?

Do you have a shop?

Yes! We are one of the largest independent paddle sport shops in the UK, We are based in Exeter, Devon. Everything online is supplied from our waterside shop and is available to view/ try. Click here to see us on Google maps.

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Can I demo a boat before buying?

Yes! We are based at the top of the Exeter Canal and have the River Exe very close by. We offer free demos on the canal, which is a safe secluded area or if you wanted to try a boat in a more realistic area of water (sea, river, etc); we also offer the chance to take boats away, as long as we have a demo available. For more details of our current demo boats check our demo boat list here or give us a call on 01392 219600.

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What’s the difference between a kayak and canoe?

Generally a kayak is paddled using a double ended paddle; there are many types of kayaks, including river kayaks, touring, sit on's and fishing. Canoes are usually paddled using a single ended paddle and you sit up higher on a seat or kneel in the bottom of the canoe.

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How do I return items?

Follow this link to our returns section for more information.

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Do you offer tuition?

We have an in house instructor and we offer a range of basic courses. Including free two hour taster sessions, these are a great way of finding out if paddling is for you and to gain a bit of confidence on the water, guided day trips, 1* and 2* awards, introduction to kayaking, women’s only courses, one to one or private group bookings and rolling lessons. Click here for more information.

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Where can I go kayaking/ canoeing?

There are many places to paddle locally; here are some ideas for recreational paddling…

  • River Exe/ Exeter Ship Canal - Exeter to Exmouth/ Topsham. Exeter Canoe Loops Information
  • River Dart – from Totnes to Dartmouth.
  • Wimbleball Lake. Information
  • Grand Western Canal (Tiverton). Information
  • Salcombe and Kingsbridge Estuary. Leaflet
  • Roadford Lake. Leaflet
  • There are lots of beaches that are easy to access and are generally calm and sheltered, including Broadsands, Exmouth, Dawlish Warren, Sidmouth, Shaldon and Teignmouth.

There are good guidebooks available for information of where to paddle for white water kayaking and sea kayaking

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How can I transport my kayak/canoe?

Most canoes and kayaks will fit very easily straight onto a standard roof rack, whatever the size of car. Generally the best way to attach your kayak is to put it on the roof bars upside down and strap over the top to ensure that you have good tension of the straps. We do sell extra accessories that enable you to get more than one kayak onto a roof rack, loading devices to make loading easier and cradles designed to support your kayak during transport.

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Do you offer a repair service?

We have a workshop where we offer plastic welding and repairs. We also offer a full outfitting service for open canoes and fishing kayaks. We are also able to split most paddles into either 2 or 3 pieces, change the feather and shorten paddles. We are unable to offer repairs to composite boats, but we are able to give advice and information on local repair services. Please contact us for more details on 01392 219600.

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How do I store my kayak/canoe?

If you use your kayak in saltwater, if possible it’s worth giving it a rinse off after each us. Try to avoid storing kayaks and canoes the right way up on the floor, as this can cause the hulls to flatten. Ideally if you have the height, kayaks are best stored on end, obviously this isn’t always possible, in these cases it is best to store kayaks and canoes upside down on supports or on their sides with padding underneath, if being stored outside it is usually worth draping a cover over them to help protect them from the sun and a cockpit cover is a worth while buy to keep out creepy crawlies.

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What size spray deck do I need for my kayak?

Most of the kayaks listed on our site have the spray deck size mentioned in the specs, if this is missing or its not for a kayak we stock Palm have made there own spray deck sizing chart mentioning most well known brands, including new and old models click here to use it.

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