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    Years paddling: 10  
    Favourite type of boating: Sea kayaking and White water. I like a bit of everything, it depends on the weather and the conditions.  
    Current kit:    
    Helmet: Sweet Wanderer, the most comfy and warmest helmet I've worn. I still have my H2B Skook (no longer made, but very similar to the WRSI Trident), which is great for keeping the sun out when sea kayaking.  

Palm Halo (womens specific) for touring and sea kayaking, it’s super comfy and has a nice big front pocket for keeping my camera and very important choccy bars inside (got to keep your energy up).

Palm Extreme 2 for white water. Big pocket and a harness for WW use, a great fit.
    Cag/ Drysuit:

Typhoon Multisport, I can’t believe it took be so long to get a drysuit, definitely one of my favorite pieces of kit, its only thing that will keep you completely dry even if your doing rescue practices. I pretty much spent the winter paddling white water in this.

Palm Thalassa Touring Cag (womens specific), perfect for cold and windy days out on the water, this cag is comfy and offers great protection from the elements.

Yak Volt Cag, latex neck and wrists keep me nice and dry great for teaming with shorts, comfy and lightweight for paddling in the French Alps last year.
    Dry Pants: I.R Splash pants, a generous fit with neoprene cuffs not latex seals for extra comfort.  
    Thermals: I have lots as I get rather chilly. I.R Thickskin L/S Top, Sweet Saviour Suit, the warmest thermal I have ever used, Helly Hansen Prowool Tops! Plus I've been trying out the new Crewsaver Toki thermal top and bottoms, which are thin enough to wear under a thicker thermal or great by its self in the Spring/ Summer, I also found they worked very well under a drysuit paddling in the French Alps last year.  

Fiveten Canyoneers, super sturdy shoes, with plenty of grip. I use these for sea kayaking, white water and canyoneering. Merrell Maipo Watershoe, self draining, great for use in the summer as they let your feet breath.

    Deck: Playboater Work deck.Tough decks, they last well and even being weedy like me I can still get it on my boat.  

Werner Shuna Bent Shafts, my lightweight set of touring paddles, I treated myself to these last year, so I stopped borrowing paddles from work. Having a decent set of your own paddles makes a huge difference to your pleasure while out paddling.

Rough Stuff Kinetics, my white water blades, I've had them for years and just having got round to buying anything else yet!
    Current boats:

Dagger Mamba 7.6 Creek Seat, I got this to replace my well used Nomad 8.1 that served me very well for the last few years. I fancied a change and enjoyed the Mamba so I thought I’d give it a go.

As for a Sea Kayak, I’m still trying to decide on which sea boat to get, I’m currently torn between the ABS Valley Avocet and P & H Cetus. I’m spoilt for choice here by having so many available to borrow!
    Fave product owned: Sweet Saviour Suit because it’s just so warm!  
    Fave current product: Pogies, Its winter!  
    Worst product owned: Nookie Extreme cag. It stopped being waterproof very quickly.  
    Fave river/spot in the UK:

River Dart "Loop" section. Its five mins from my house, so I can get changed at home and pop back for a hot chocolate after paddling!

The Isles of Scilly, I went a couple of years ago with a sea kayak and had a great time, it’s so beautiful out there, I’d recommend it to anyone
    Fave river/spot abroad: Soca River, Slovenia. Such a scenic and beautiful country. The water colour was just amazing. I must go back here again one day.  
    Fave river snack: Got to be a Mars Bar! Then a carvery afterwards.  
    I would like to: Go sea kayaking abroad, somewhere warm and pretty interesting.  
    Paddling hero: Lee Pooley for teaching me to kayak and putting up with me when i first started out!  
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