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Fishing Kayak Fittings and Accessories

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There is a wide range of fishing accessories available, these allow you to customise your fishing kayak to your precise needs. Rod holders, anchors and anchor systems     are all available. Standard flush mount rod holders are available individually so you can add more if you need them, or if you want to convert a standard kayak into a fishing kayak.

Rod holders

Scotty rod holders are available in a wide range of styles to suit a variety of rods, styles and uses. Scotty rod holders fit securely into a base that is either bolted or riveted onto the boat. The rod holder can be attached in a variety of positions, and adjusted to a number of angles for the optimum position for you,

The Scotty Baitcaster is the most common style of rod holder and often comes fitted as standard on many fishing kayaks. It accepts most spinning rods and lends itself well to all styles of fishing.

The Scotty Rodmaster 2 is a great all round rod holder, with a wider rod holder that will take fatter rod butts, great for heavier tackle and boat rods.
  sea fishing kayaks

The Scotty Powerlock is a chunky rod holder that is great for boat rods. It comes with a locking ring at the top of the rod holder to stop your rod from falling or being pulled out.
The Scotty Fly rod holder does exactly what it says on the tin! Designed to accept fly rods, with short grips and lighter tackle.

All the Scotty rod holders come with a combination mount that allows the rod holder to be attached to flat surfaces on your kayak. There are a variety of extenders available to raise rod holders, or bring them closer to hand when fishing.

Anchor Systems

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Anchor trolleys. An anchor trolley is a system that allows you to position an anchor anywhere on the side of your kayak without having to stand up and move. This allows you to fish from the optimum position on your kayak. Anchor trolley kits contain everything you will need to attach the trolley, as well as instructions for mounting and use.

This all works well with the complete anchor kit Anchoring can be hazardous and further information or tuition should be explored. AS Watersports sells anchors in two sizes, either 0.75kg or 1.5kg, while these don’t sound large, they are more than enough to anchor a fishing kayak in all but the toughest conditions.

As Watersports offers a comprehensive range of outfitting and workshop services. We are happy to fit fishing accessories to your kayak, or just offer advice if you are not to sure where to start. 

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