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Fish Finders
For your fishing kayak

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We offer a range of Humminbird fish finders. The Humminbird range of fishfinders offers a number of units that are suitable for kayaking. They are all easily mounted on kayaks.

All of the humminbird range of fishfinders come with a fully sealed transducer. They can be mounted in two ways. If you have an Ocean kayak with a ‘Transducer compatible’ scupper hole, the transducer can be mounted in the scupper using a special rubber ‘boot’. The Transducer is then easy to remove if you need to. The alternative is to use the Humminbird kayak mounting kit that allows the transducer to be securely mounted inside any single layer plastic kayak. Mounting the transducer inside your kayak will protect it from damage while landing, during use and transportation.

Humminbird Fishin Buddy 120 X Fish Finder

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The alternative is the Humminbird Fishin Buddy 120x fishfinder This is completely self contained and can be attached with the clamp to the kayak the head contains the batteries and the transduceris at the end of the rod. This also features the side view with the swivel head you can look around for your fish.

Single beam Transducers send out a single sonar beam that is 20 degrees wide, this provides excellent coverage of the bottom and gives precise returns for detail. A single beam sonar covers an area equal to 1/3 of your depth.

Dual Beam transducers send out two beams of sonar, a precision beam at 20 degrees and wide beam of 60 degrees. This gives a precise view of the bottom under your kayak but also cover an area around your kayak to help search for fish and bait fish. Dual beams can be viewed blended together for a complete image or separately.  Dual beam transducers show an area equal to your depth.

Piranha Max Range of Fish Finders

The Piranha max range feature easy to use compact fishfinders that have enough power to show you whats happening under your kayak.

The Piranha max 160 (shown right) has a dual beam sonar transducer that shows underwater features clearly and will pinpoint fish and depth for you, allowing you to know exactly where to cast. It has a 4 level greyscale screen that allows you to identify bottom features too.

 The Piranha max 190c has a colour screen giving you a more vivid and easy to read image, however it comes with just a single beam sonar, so it only shows you a tighter area, right under your boat.

The 300 range offers more features and more power. They all feature the switch-fire system that allows you to choose how you view the sonar results to help you get a clearer idea of what’s underwater. Plus the head unit of any 300 series fishfinder can be easily and quickly disconnected from the kayak for easier transportation and storage.

The 325 has a large 4” screen with 16 level greyscale display for smooth easy to read images and a dual beam sonar for clearer more precise images and better coverage.

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The 345c has a 3.5” colour screen for sharp and vivid images and a dual beam sonar for the best performance and coverage.

The 385 combo has the same features of the 345c but combined with a built in GPS. This allows trackplotting, chart plotting and speed reading. As well as being able to tag your favourite fishing spot to help you find it again next time.

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