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Choosing the correct roofrack and accessories is vital if you intend to transport your kayak often. There are lots of systems for holding kayaks in place on roofracks, but not all of them will fit fishing kayaks, so it’s worth check our guide to see what’s best for you.

The easiest and simplest way of transporting one kayak is to have two standard parallel roofbars, and to position your kayak upside down on the roofbars, before strapping it securely in place. If you want a system for holding a single kayak more securely in place it is worth checking the Malone Seawing, as this is designed specifically with sit on tops in mind.

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If you have to transport two or three kayaks at a time the simplest solution worth considering is an upright bar. These simply clamp onto most roof bars and point straight up! You can then load kayaks so that they stand on edge against the uprights, this makes it easier to fit more than one boat on a roof rack, and makes it easier to secure several odd shaped kayaks against each other.

The simplest uprights are ones like the Palm Roofrack upright, which clamp onto standard square section roof bars. If you have the ovalised aluminium ‘aero’ bars, you will need the Eckla uprights and Eckla ‘aero’ bar adaptors as they fit securely onto the ovalised bars or the Malone Autoloader, which will fit either square or ovalised bars.

Other roofrack accessories worth considering are some kind of padding that fit onto roofbars. These not only help to protect your kayak, but the soft padding also help to stop your kayak from sliding about on the roofrack, making it easier to secure.

Roofrack Straps

Also worth considering are some proper roofrack straps these make it quicker and easier to secure your kayak. No need to faff with bits of rope, or learn any fancy knots. The simple cam-lock buckles ensure that straps stay tight.

There are attachments to roofracks that can make loading easier for example the Ecla loading assist arm

And the Malone Telos loading modual that attaches to the Malone autoloadersea Fishing Kayaks

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The HandiRack inflatable roof rack system

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