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Whetman Equipment Sea Bean 10m Elite Towline


Designed to be super compact, simple to use, mega strong yet easy to repack.

How small can a sea kayak towline be and still work? Well the answer is about the size of a large Cornish pasty, Croissant, Empanada or Calzone!

10 metre floating braided line connects to a shockcord fixed into the bag. The line is anchored to the bag using a stainless D ring, mega strong polyester webbing and high tensile bar tack stitching.

The ergonomic panel shape assures the bag holds open to allow hands free to focus on a quick repack of the line. The yellow internal polyester webbing is anchored through the bag to bind with the 40mm waist belt using industrial bar tacks and high tensile thread.

The 40mm waist belt has a quick release buckle & toggle & is adjustable to set the buckle centred in front of you for access. To close the bag the shape naturally lends itself to fold and capture the line in one simple movement.

 40mm belt & compact bag fits between the deck and PFD . Photo courtesy of Sea Kayaking Isle of Man.

Sea Bean Elite

The Elite has two additional aspects. The line is spliced onto the Kraken karabiner & so offers a low profile. It is also coated in rubber which wraps around the connector giving 100mm of grip extension. There is a stainless D ring to park the connector. The D ring stands proud of the webbing & is set rigid thus will not misbehave & swivel down when you need to clip.

More Information
Brand Whetman Equipment
Size N/A
Length 10 Metre
Colour Red
Weight N/A
Material N/A
Rope Type 10 metre floating braided cord
Strength N/A
Certification N/A
Other Features N/A
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