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1 x Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated Reflect 592ml - Mirrored Stainles
1 x Klean Kanteen Sport Cap 3.0
1 x Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated Reflect 592ml - Brushed Stainless
1 x Klean Kanteen Loop Cap
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Palm Wairoa Women's Short Sleeve - X-Small
Palm Wairoa Women's Short Sleeve - X-Small
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Sit-On Accessories
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TNP Universal Drip Ring
This unique design allows you to add drip rings to a paddle built without them. Quick and easy to install, it will reduce the amount of drips running down the shaft and keep your hands drier. Read more.
Wave Ski Seat Pad
Wave sji seat pad.    Self adhesive mini cell foam pad for Waveskis, Sea kayaks and as a replacment seat for boats that may not have one.  A comfortable pr... Read more.
Perception Thigh Straps
Perception Thigh straps. Thigh straps can be added to many sit-on-top kayaks, as long as they have attachment points. They allow extra control by hooking over your legs and ensuring you stay in ... Read more.
Palm Surf backrest
Palm Surf backrest for sit on top kayaks.   A very well padded lumbar support for sit on top kayaks. This perfect for sit ons that are sued in the surf to give a little extr... Read more.
Palm Deluxe backrest
Palm Deluxe Sit on top kayak backrest. A super duper ergonomic padded backrest for sit on tops. Pressure reducing padding, easily adjusted straps for perfect setup. A nice high s... Read more.
Palm Paddle Leash
Palm Paddle leash. A smart coiled paddle leash from Palm. It features a tough coiled surf board style leash, with a hook and loop paddle attachment at one end, and loop for attaching t... Read more.
Wilderness Systems Scupper plug set  of 6 bungs
Wilderness systems Scupper Bung kit. A set of 6 scupper bungs to fit all Wilderness systems sit on tops. All Tarpons, Ride 135, and Ripper. Only for use in flat water, where swamping w... Read more.
Wavesport Gemini Bungs
Set of 8 foam bungs to go in the self-bailer drain holes to reduce the amount of water that comes in your boat. designed specifically to fit the new Gemini (2006 onwards) FREE ... Read more.
Wavesport Scooter Bungs
Set of 4 rubber bungs to go in the self bailing scupper drain holes to reduce the amount of water that comes in your boat. Great for staying a bit drier on flat water. Take them out for use in t... Read more.
Ocean Kayak Scupper Stoppers
Scupper Stoppers can be used to plug the scupper holes in the cockpit of your Ocean Kayak. This will help you stay dry while you are paddling. Sold in pairs and availible in 4 different sizes. Read more.
Whetman Equipment Deck Tape 4m
4 Metres of red floating 25mm tape with yellow loop straps & quick release buckles at both ends. For SUPs and Sit On Kayaks  A connector system with the ability to quick... Read more.
Palm D-Ring (Pair)
2 replacement sit-on D-rings. Can also be custom fitted onto most sit on top kayaks to form attachment points for thigh straps and backrests. They are not suitable for use as fixing points for c... Read more.
Minicell Foam Block
Minicell foam for footrests, Hip pads, seats, kayak outfitting and canoe outfitting, etc. Sold in squares 32cm x 32cm. The foam is 75mm thick (approx 3") Available in mult... Read more.
Self Adhesive Minicell Foam 10mm x 100mm
Self adhesive foam, 10mm thick by 100mm wide. Ideal for seat pads, hip pads etc. Due to Post Office price changes we have had to increase the price of the minicell foam, if purchase... Read more.
Self Adhesive Minicell Foam 6mm x 300mm
Self adhesive foam, 6mm thick by 300mm wide. Ideal for seat pads, hip pads etc. Due to Post Office price changes we have had to increase the price of the minicell foam, if purchased in s... Read more.
Wilderness systems Slidetrax tie downs
Wilderness systems Slide Trax Tie downs, set of four. Four additional Slide trax tie down points. These tie down points can be positioned anywhere on the front or rear Slide Trax of 2009 onward ... Read more.
Folding Grapnel Anchor
Folding grapnel style anchors. Suitable for anchor kayaks. Even the 0.7kg anchor is suitable for holding most kayaks in most conditions. The 1.5kg version is good for larger kayaks, doubles or a... Read more.
Displaying 1 to 18 (of 18 products) Result Pages:  1