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Palm Wairoa Women's Short Sleeve - X-Small
Palm Wairoa Women's Short Sleeve - X-Small
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Karabinas, Slings and Pulleys
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Palm Snake Sling
The new Palm Snake sling is a simple versatile tool for the river. A 4m safety tape with two sewn ends perfect for wrapping round a tree as an anchor or using as a improvised tow.  ... Read more.
Palm Tape Safety Line
Palm Tape Safety sling. Ideal for PFD storage, a 5 metre tubular tape for use in rescue situations. This 5m tape rolls compactly, perfect for storage in a PFD front pocket. Read more.
Whetman Equipment Wizard's Sleeve
This is the Wizard's Sleeve. It is actually two sleeves. It quickly links a paddle blade with a karabiner to make a paddle hook.   The main sleeve wraps around the b... Read more.
Whetman Equipment Paddle Karabiner
Whetman Equipment Paddle Karabiner. Made in Italy by Kong, this wire gate karabiner has a wide openning which makes it capable of fitting around a paddle shaft. It is also fully strength rated a... Read more.
Whetman Equipment Krabstick
Whetman Equipment Krabstick.  The Krabstick is a clever little device that allows you to easily convert most karabiners into an easy to use rescue kit essential! It allows you to we... Read more.
Whetman Equipment Anaconda 3m
The Anaconda provides a short 3m tow system with a quick release. (sold seperatley) It can connect onto a front deck mounted anchor and tow from that point. The Anaconda comes with the s... Read more.
Whetman Equipment Python 5m sling
Whetman Equipment 5m rescue sling. The Python is a 5meter rescue sling with a Stainless ring sewn into the end. It can be used as an anchor point, as part of a mechanical system, or as a short r... Read more.
Whetman Equipment King Python 5m sling
Whetman Equipment 5m rescue sling. The King Python is a 5 meter rescue sling with a 12mm aluminium ring sewn into the end. It can be used as an anchor point, as part of a mechanical system, or a... Read more.
Whetman Equipment Pig Rig
Whetman Equipment Pig Rig. The Pig Rig is made up of two Whetman equipment Ring pull prussick loops and two Python slings. They can be combined to make a quick and very effective mechanical adva... Read more.
Whetman Equipment Ring Pull Prussik
The Ring Pull Prussik provides a simple to tie & fast to deploy rope grab for hauling on a line in river rescue. The fixed ring can be instantly used as a pully when combined with a webbing ... Read more.
Whetman Equipment Bait Ring
12mm thick 45mm internal diameter anodised aluminium ring min breaking strength of 25kN Made in the UK   Fit the ring onto the rear of the chest harn... Read more.
Whetman Equipment Deck Tape 4m
4 Metres of red floating 25mm tape with yellow loop straps & quick release buckles at both ends. For SUPs and Sit On Kayaks  A connector system with the ability to quick... Read more.
Petzl Swing Cheek Pulley
Petzl Oscillante Swing Cheek Pulley. Light weight swing side pulley for use in rescue situations. FREE UK DELIVERY on this item Read more.
Petzl Pulley Wheel
The Ultralegere pulley wheel is a simple nylon sheave pulley wheel that can be installed on a carabiner, For use with a oval screw gate carabiner with rope no larger than 13 mm in diameter Read more.
Palm Whitewater Wire Gate Karabiner
Palm Large Wire Gate Karabiner. A large bent gate karabiner constructed from hardened and anodized aluminium with a anodized finish for durability. The karabiner will fit over a paddle shaf... Read more.
Palm HMS Karabiner
Palm HMS Karabiner. A classic 'pear' shaped screw gate HMS Karabiner. Ideal for rescue usage and for use with pulleys. Free Mainland UK delivery on this item.   Read more.
Petzl William Karabiner
Petzl William Screwgate Karabiner. A Great rescue use Karabiner. A large Karabiner capable of fitting multiple slings or ropes, ideal for Italian hitches. Keylock system for less snags, and the ... Read more.
Displaying 1 to 18 (of 18 products) Result Pages:  1