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Wave Sport Recon


Designed for steep, technical and difficult white water this boat will be perfect for paddlers looking to push themselves on the higher grades.

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Easy to boof rocker profile with up-swept bow to ride up and over hydraulics. Stable resurfacing from the volume in the front deck, the peaked back deck helps stop it from "tailey-ing " on exit of drops and stoppers. Plenty of volume throughout will keep it floating nice and high giving you the best chance of good line of sight and stops the boat being pushed around quite as much, leaving you in control of your carves, break ins and outs and tracking.

The awesome new CORE Whiteout outfitting is just brilliant. It features leg lifters, easy to adjust hip pads and back rest, new storage solutions under the legs and comes with all the shims and extra padding you need to ensure the best connectivity with the boat for ultimate control.

This is a steep creeking boat at its modern best.

 Wave Sport Recon Outfitting


Model Length Width Boat Weight Max Capacity
70 2.36m 65cm 22kg 68kg
83 2.51m 67cm 23kg 90kg
93 2.64m 69cm 25kg 125kg
More Information
Brand Wave Sport
Boat Type Creek, 518
Construction Plastic
Model N/A
Spec Core WhiteOut
Length 2.51m (83)
Width 67cm (83)
Weight 23kg (83)
Capacity 90kg (83)
Spraydeck Size N/A
Volume N/A
Skeg/Rudder None
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