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Stormsure Latex Seal Repair Kit - Neck


Stormsure’s repair kits are all-in-one packs containing carefully selected contents that enable you to easily make reliable and long-lasting repairs to the respective type of item or piece of equipment. 


Read the instructions in the pack carefully.

Remove the old seal. Cut seal to fit if needed. Apply two layers of Stormoprene glue onto both the drysuit/wetsuit and the area of the seal that will be stuck to the drysuit/wetsuit.  Leave the glue to become touch dry between each layer. Position drysuit seal area so that the seal can be stuck on comfortably. Bond, press firmly over the whole bonded area and . Bonding is instantaneaous, so arrange the poistioning very carefully first.  Allow to cure for 2 hours. Full instructions are included.


- 1 Bellows shaped latex neck seal

- Stormoprene Contact Adhesive 70g

- Disposable gloves

- Glue spatula

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