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Whetman Equipment Pressure Spraydeck


Whetman Equipment have worked together with a specialist deck manufacturer in Europe to make the highest quality spraydecks. 

The decks look smart with bright contrast stitching & strong colours on the release tabs. The devil as they say is in the detail. Each aspect on close inspection indicates superb attention to function & build quality. There are three deck specifications: The Force, The Pressure & The Gripper.

The Whetman Equipment Pressure deck is a high performance whitewater deck. The reinforcement covers all the areas that may be exposed to knocks & scuffs on the rim to the very back of the deck. The powerful 10mm shockcord will lock the deck on solidly to resist the water pressures of whitewater.

  • 4mm robust neoprene
  • 10mm black shockcord
  • Generous hand brushed latex coating underside
  • Wide flexible reinforced rim
  • Orange contrast stitching & release tab

The neoprene has been glued together and then stitched on both sides. The result after stitching is 100% waterproof and so does not require waterproof tape to be applied over it. This is achieved by using a special machine & a curved needle which does not penetrate through the neoprene layer.

Oposite is the hand-brushed thick latex underside, notice the ribbed appearance which is an indication of high-quality hand brushed latex

Fitting on a deck
To put on start at the back of the cockpit push the shockcord into the rim then push and stretch the deck forward and slot the shockcord over the front, finally work the side edges over the rim. Always ensure the release tab is visible on top of the deck; if it is trapped underneath the deck then the deck cannot be released.

To release the deck, grab the release tab and pull up and back.

Before use training and practise in spraydeck release and kayak exit is essential.

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