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Silverbirch Broadland 15 - Duralite

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The Broadlands draws heavily on the influence of the Classic 'Prospector' style of canoe, mixed with modern materials and hull shapes to create a seamless blend of performance, comfort, carrying capacity, style and durability. 

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Silverbirch Broadland 15 - Duralite
Silverbirch Broadland 15 - Duralite

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    Silverbirch have carefully optimized the chine, camber and sidewall profile to increase both primary and secondary stability, helping to make a confidence inspiring canoe that is a dream to paddle no matter what your skill level. The rocker profile and symmetrical hull ensure the Broadlands 15 paddles well solo and tandem, loaded or un-loaded.

    Size Construction Gunwales Length Width Boat Weight
    15 Duracore Plus Vinyl 4.56m 90.4cm 36kg
    Ash 34.25kg
    Duralite Vinyl 31.5kg
    Ash 29.5kg
    16 Duracore Plus Vinyl 4.84m 92.2cm 38.5kg
    Ash 36.55kg
    Duralite Vinyl 33.5kg
    Ash 31.5kg

    Factory Fitted Options
    Deep Dish Yoke Fitted End Loops Lacing Ash Gunwales Kneeling Thwart
    Deep Dish Yoke End Grabs Lacing Ash Gunwales Kneeling Thwart
    The deep dish yoke is contoured to provide comfort whilst carrying the canoe on the shoulders as well as providing stiffness to the boat. End loops provide a strong attachment point for painters and a attachment point in the case of a whitewater rescue.

    Two lacing options are available:

    Bow and stern lacing - for attaching air bags or blocks.

    Full length lacing - allows attachement points for airbags or blocks as well as other equipment being carried in the boat.

    Every canoe with ash gunwales is hand finished with pride at Silverbirch's Norfolk production facility.

    After carefully fitting the ash profiles, the gunwales are planed and oiled by hand, and then matched with ash end plates, ash handles and carrying yoke, and webbing bound ash seats. Not only does it give a beautiful, natural finish, but is several kilos lighter than the vinyl alternative.

    A kneeling thwart provides a comfortable and efficient paddling position for a solo paddler.


    The outer skin is made with an incredibly stiff and tough whitewater grade plastic – the best Silverbirch can find, the foam has been optimized to have a lower density, giving a thicker core than that used in Duracore, and the material distribution between the layers has been optimised to make the most of the superior materials.

    The result? Stiffer, lighter, and yet just more durable!

    The noticeable weight saving over the Duracore laminate puts many models made with Duralite into close competition with more expensive canoes produced with composite or royalex construction methods.

    More Information
    Brand Silverbirch Canoes
    Boat Type All-Rounder
    Construction Duralite
    Model 15
    Spec N/A
    Weight 31.5kg (Vinyl Gunwales) - 29.5kg (Ash Gunwales)
    Length 4.56m
    Width 90cm
    Volume N/A
    Capacity N/A
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