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Venture Prospector - Whitewater

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A traditional open canoe suitable for white water and flat water use.

The white water spec gives all the solid, traditional essentials to allow you to truly master the flow with grace and style.

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Venture Prospector - Whitewater
Venture Prospector - Whitewater

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    The Venture Prospector is a traditional style and highly popular canoe that’s ideal for whitewater enthusiasts or wilderness tripping, both solo and tandem.

    A wide beam, classic symmetrical hull and soft tumblehome mean the Venture Prospector inspires confidence, whilst the familiar re-curved bow and high freeboard keep you dry through features and prevent swamping.

    The historical Prospector designs that this model draws inspiration from were true workhorses, so you can load the Venture Prospector 155 up for short weekend tandem trips or extended solo trips or the Venture Prospector 165 up for tandem expeditions or carry a third paddler (with the addition of an optional third seat) and still enjoy the supreme edging performance that gives pleasingly simple turns on both moving and flat water; loading the boat up also improves tracking and reduces windage.

    Size Construction Length Width Boat Weight Load Capacity
    155 Corelite 4.64m 91cm 36kg 370kg
    165 Corelite 5.08m 90cm 40kg 400kg

    Lacing Wedge Buoyancy Blocks High/Low Line
    Lacing Buoyancy Blocks High/Low Line

    Used to secure airbags to the hull of the canoe, and offers high strength attachment points for gear or rescues.

    Bow & Stern Lacing as standard on the whitewater spec.

    Additional Options Available:

    Full Length

    Full Length with Gear Loops

    Low maintenance, highly durable floation; essential for open water and white water use.

    High Line: Increased capacity and a drier ride.

    Low Line: Lower windage and easier paddling access for smaller canoeists.


    A triple layer, polyethylene foam sandwich material for a great stiffness to weight ratio, with tryed and tested durability at an affordable price; the ideal choice for centres, families and moderate river use.

    Whitewater Outfitting
    Oiled Wood Web Seats Deep Dish Yoke Kneeling Thwart Rope End Grabs Bow & Stern Lacing Factory Fitted Airbags Tough Vinyl Gunwales Wooden Carry Handles
    Wood Web Seats Deep Dish Yoke Kneeling Thwart Rope End Grabs Lacing Airbags Vinyl Gunwales Wooden Carry Handles

    These durable and attractive seats come as standard on all Venture canoes.

    Provides added rigidity to the structure of the boat as a whole, as well as a solid rescue attachment point.

    The deep dish design also allows for increased comfort when shoulder carrying, and is fitted balanced.

    Promotes an efficient and comfortable paddling style.

    Factory fitted to your specified location.

    Rope end grabs are the ideal solution for whitewater rescues, fitted above the waterline through the main body of the boat, ensuring sufficient strength to deal with the forces involved.

    Used to secure airbags to the hull of the canoe, and offers high strength attachment points for gear or rescues

    Airbags offer maximum floatation at minimum weight and are essential to reduce the weight and momentum of a boat when attempting a whitewater rescue, preventing damage or loss of your canoe.

    Scratch resistant and highly resilient to the forces exerted on gunwales.

    Low profile end decks and wooden carry handles perfectly compliment the wooden seats of the whitewater spec and create something that looks as good off the water as on it.

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    More Information
    Brand Venture Canoes
    Boat Type River Runner, All-Rounder
    Construction 3 Layer
    Model N/A
    Spec N/A
    Weight 36kg (155)
    Length 4.64m (155)
    Width 91cm (155)
    Volume N/A
    Capacity 370kg (155)
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