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Werner Sherpa Glass Bent Shaft Paddle

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The Werner Sherpa is our go-to premium whitewater kayak paddle. Whether you are running your local river, playing in the surf or on a multi-day epic, the Sherpa will be right by your side. Mid-size blades are the perfect fit for most; larger, stronger paddlers might want to look at the bigger bladed Powerhouse.

This option features tough fibreglass blades in translucent amber, with Werner's carbon Neutral Bent shaft. Fibreglass blades keep the cost down while also offering the highest impact and abrasion resistance. The cranked shaft ensures your wrists are in a more ergonomic position which reduces fatigue and increases confidence with full hand contact. The Neutral Bent means the blade, ferrule and grip remain in a straight line for the familiar feel of a straight shaft.


  • Fibreglass blade construction gives a great balance between swing weight, durability and value. Upgrade to Carbon fibre blades to reduce the weight further.
  • The Werner Sherpa features a precise blade shape for an efficient forward stroke. The moves you need to make river running, the obstacles you need to work around, made easier with Werner designs.
  • Mid-sized blades are an ideal fit for the great majority of average size paddlers.


  • 1 piece Carbon Fibre Neutral Bent Shaft
  • Built for the rigours of the whitewater environment, Werner carbon shafts are handcrafted with the right amount of flex.
More Information
Brand Werner Paddles
Paddle Type White Water
Blade Colour Amber
Paddle Length N/A
Weight 1056g
Shaft 1-Piece - Neutral Bent Carbon
Shaft Material Carbon
Blade Material Fibreglass
Blade Surface Area 680 cm²
Feather N/A
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