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KeelEazy Self Adhesive Keel Strip - Per Metre


KeelEazy self-adhesive keel strip is a simple and effective way of protecting areas of your kayak or canoe that can be susceptible to damage. Compared to the traditional keel protection method of fibreglass tape, keel eazy is a lighter more resistant solution.

With a huge range of applications from canoes and kayaks to jet-skis and dinghies, it is suitable for increasing protection along the bottom of plastic/thermoformed and composite kayaks.

Very quick to install, remove the backing and stick to your boat. You can use a hot air gun to help mould around tight edges.

For the best protection apply along the full length of the kayak. Alternatively, apply in smaller sections over high wear areas which can then be removed using a hot air gun when they need replacing.

Please note that if your kayak is left with the Keel Eazy exposed in extreme sunlight, you may experience slippage and movement of the Keel Eazy due to the glue softening. Best to store your boat in a way that doesn't expose the Keel to sunlight.

KeelEazy protects the exposed keel lines of boats easily and efficiently. Stop the scratches along the bottom of your brand new composite sea kayak. Keep your kayak looking better for longer, protecting your sanity and your investment!

Self-adhesive PVC strip. Provides an extremely durable surface anywhere that abrasion is a concern

Ideally suited to the keel of a kayak. It can be used on boats, canoes, jet skis, car doors etc....

Easy to apply. Peel the backing and stick it in place. It can be moulded over compound curves with the use of a heat gun

Great for hire fleets, schools & training centres. Make your fleet last an extra season, and get a better resale value when they are replaced.

Can be applied full length or on specific wear spots. And removed by applying heat from a heat gun and peeling it away.

50mm wide - Sold per metre, purchase as multiples and we will cut it to the length you require.

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