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Werner - Secondhand and Part Exchange
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Werner - Secondhand and Part Exchange
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Werner - Secondhand and Part Exchange


We have been stocking Werner at AS Watersports for over 15 years. Their performance, strength and range has made it our brand of choice. 

We are fully behind Werner and committed to providing excellent service to our customers.  We do this by holding good stock, a range of Werner demo paddles and our staff have been trained by Werner.

We are now extending our services here at AS Watersports:

Werner Part Exchange

If you have a Werner paddle and are looking for a new Werner, maybe you want to try cranks, upgrade to carbon or just want a shinier pair then we are now offering part exchange on Werner, for Werner.

This is a really easy option to offset the cost of your new paddles. 

Secondhand Werner

This means we will now have secondhand Werner paddles for sale (in store only).

A great option for; those starting out in the sport who want the best but don’t want to buy new, juniors who need the lightness that the Werner range offers but may grow out of and those that just love a bargain.


Now for the Small Print:

Second handle paddles are sold as seen and come with no warranty. They are fully inspected by AS Watersports. If we are selling them then we would happily paddle with them. All paddles can be broken, new or old. By purchasing a second hand paddle, you are excpeting the risk is higher. Paddles are not warented against breakages.

We only accept Fibreglass or Carbon as part exchange.

We are currently only accepting Werner paddles and these can only be part exchanged for Werner paddles.

We do not buy old paddles. 

This is a in-store offer only.


For more info, pop in the shop or give us a call on 01392 219600