Whetman Equipment Sea kayak Contact Tow Argon   [WEContactArg]   £34.95
Whetman Equipment Sea kayak Contact Tow Argon
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Dagger Katana 10.4 - Sport Red SECOND
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Whetman Equipment Sea kayak Contact Tow Argon
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Whetman Equipment Sea kayak Contact Tow Argon


Whetman Equipment Contact tow Argon.

Short contact line for quick close  contact rescue of one sea kayak by another sea kayak. Quick release cam buckle with toggle also provides length adjustment. Port & Starboard colour coded lines and two colour coded carabiners.
Selection of snag-free carabiner styles available, all held in position by a retainer ring.

Primary application is a very short quick "contact" towline from a deck line of the rescuer to the bow of the casualty, putting the bow just behind the hip position of the rescuer.
Second application is to enable a stablised raft up by crossing the Contact Line over two boats and connecting to the outer deck lines of each boat, then adjusting it to be tight so as to prevent any chance of capsize.

This version comes with the Kong Argon carabiners


The cam buckle allows adjustment of the length of the line. Simply open the buckle and slide the yellow webbing to adjust. Leave at least 25mm of “tail” out of the buckle.

For the Sea Kayak Contact Line to have the correct effective strength the cam buckle must be backed up by the D ring. Failure to thread the yellow webbing through the D ring may result in the webbing sliding through the buckle under load. Flat side of the D ring flush with the edge of the buckle

Quick Release
Pull the red toggle OR pull the tail of the yellow webbing to release the line. With a slight applied tension that will allow the yellow webbing to slide out of the buckle and disconnect the two kayaks.

Care – after use wash device in fresh water, clean any dirt out of carabiner gates.

Carabiner Maintenance

Sea salt crystals can form & block up the carabiners springs and so we highly recommend rinse in hot water after use, washing the spring mechanism & spray with silicone spray.  

With the DMM carabiner the spring is inside the gate in a tube and must be cleaned with hot water, allowed to drain to clear out any dirt and salt and then lubricated with silicone or oil. If the spring is not cleaned then it will become blocked and stiff; if the gate is then forced open the black retainer will be damaged. After washing hang the carabiner vertically to allow it to drain (see below). These carabiners do demand more care and maintenance and the benefit is they are bigger and easier to handle, and look really nice, compared with smaller stainless connectors. There is a trade off between being better to use and higher maintenance.


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