Lettmann Ergo pro Extrem LCS70 Whitewater paddle   [lmwwexlcs70]   £495.00
Lettmann Ergo pro Extrem LCS70 Whitewater paddle
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Lettmann Ergo pro Extrem LCS70 Whitewater paddle
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Lettmann Ergo pro Extrem LCS70 Whitewater paddle


paddle length:
Lettmann Ergo Pro Extrem LCS 70 whitewater kayak paddle. The Lettmann Ergo Profile Extrem paddle is Lettmanns top spec cranked shaft whitewater paddle. The LCS 70 is made from Carbon fibre and Aramid fibre to create a high spec strong, stiff and light paddle. It is the paddle of choice for Steve 'Ugg' Whetman, Etive river race champion and Sickline competitor Pete Scutt, and Ed cornfield to name but a few!

The Profile blades have a foam core for stiffness as well as adding bouyancy to the blades that helps rolling and bracing. The profile of the blade also improves the water flow over the blade, aiding smooth and powerful strokes.

The Ergo crank shaft creates a pistol style grip for both hands. This pistol grip is a more natural angle for hands and wrists, and it helps to reduce stress and fatigue. The blades are also placed infront of the centre line of the paddle, this improves power delivery in forward paddle strokes.

The Lettmann paddles are hand made in Germany. The blade and crank are made in one piece, with a joint in the centre of the shaft. This one piece construction makes very strong paddles. The Blades and shaft are vacum moulded to ensure maximum strength and minimal weight.

The Blades are available in two sizes, Small and Large. The 'Small' blade is still big enough for everyday paddling, while the 'Large' blade is ideal for large or strong paddlers, or racers who want maximum power but for shorter duration.

The Lettmann Ergo shaft is built with a feather of 55º to maximise the performance of the crank shaft. However in use the paddle feels much more like a 45º.

The Lettmann Ergo pro LCS70 whitewater paddle is available in 200cm, 197cm, 194cm or in a kit form.

paddle length: