Werner Sidekick Carbon - Straight Shaft Paddle   [wnrsidecbnst]   £279.99
Werner Sidekick Carbon - Straight Shaft Paddle
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Werner Sidekick Carbon - Straight Shaft Paddle
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Werner Sidekick Carbon - Straight Shaft Paddle


Werner Sidekick Carbon bladed kayak paddle with straight carbon shaft

. The Same great Werner Sidekick shape, but in lighter and stiffer Carbon fiber. The Sidekick is designed for playboaters and surfers. The Sidekick has larger-sized blades that are suitable for stronger paddlers. The Sidekick offers large down-tilted blades for instant power. Built from high quality continuous weave Carbon for superior strength, durability and lightness. Built for demanding and dynamic freestyle moves but it is also at home on technical white water with sudden direction changes, quick acceleration and a short stroke length. 

Werner Sidekick Carbon Blades, Carbon Straight Shaft, RH45 Degree

Having trouble deciding which construction, length and blade for you? Try the very handy online 'Werner Paddle Fit Guide' or give us a call for our expert advice!


Straight Shaft
Werners straight shafts are traditional, light weight, less expensive and allow a paddler to move their hands along the shaft in a predictable manner with a straight and continuous grip area. If a paddler can maintain a natural wrist alignment by lightly loosening the outer fingers of the non-control hand during a stroke(think “OK” symbol) they can reduce wrist fatigue. If your paddling style allows for a loose grip and you do not paddle in rough water conditions, save some paddle weight and some money and purchase one of the straight shaft paddles.
Surface Area 719 sq cm
Blade Length x Width 48 x 20.75cm
Weight for 197cm
Straight Shaft Weight 978g/34.5oz
Neutral Bent Shaft 1049g/37.00oz