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Red Paddle Co 12'6" Voyager Touring Paddleboard Package

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Red Paddle Co 12'6" Voyager: The Ultimate Adventure Partner

The 12'6 Voyager is staff member Liams pick of the range, it's super stable and easy to load up for longer trips, it was his first choice to use on a 10-day trip along a remote river in Nepal!

Discover the versatility and convenience of the Red Paddle Co 12'6" Voyager, your perfect companion for water-bound adventures. The 12'6 Voyager features an adjustable cargo system with three adjustable bungee straps and a twin d-ring locking system, ensuring secure gear placement and hassle-free loading and unloading.

Glide through the water with ease using the Revolutionary V-Hull, scientifically proven to maximize efficiency and minimize effort during each paddle stroke. Enjoy enhanced stability and manoeuvrability with the Twin Fin setup, navigating both shallow waters and diverse waterways effortlessly.

The Voyager's extended length and 32" width offer ample space for your gear, and the patented RSS battens maintain board rigidity even when fully loaded. This makes the 12'6 Voyager the perfect touring SUP if you are looking to carry an extra passenger, whether it is a small child or a large dog! Embrace the convenience and functionality of the ATB Transformer Bag, featuring a bagless carry system, large all-terrain wheels, and customizable design for comfort under load.

The Red Paddle Co 12'6" Voyager is designed to elevate your paddling experience, making it the ultimate adventure partner for every exploration.


The Red Paddle Co 12'6 Voyager, the widest board in the Voyager range, has been designed to cater to taller or heavier riders seeking the ultimate touring comfort. Able to take a large amount of gear, or a small passenger, this inflatable paddleboard seamlessly combines performance and practicality to enhance every exploration.

Innovative V-Hull technology at the nose, complemented by twin-fins at the back, ensures exceptional tracking and glide performance, while also providing stability and a steady ride in choppier conditions. Boasting a width of 32" and a volume of 360L, the 12'6 Voyager offers plenty of stability and buoyancy, making it the perfect choice for maximum loading capacity. The versatile cargo system at the front and six extra anchor points at the tail allow for secure storage of all your essentials.

Crafted using MSL® technology and incorporating the patented RSS batten system, the 12'6 Voyager maintains exceptional rigidity even when fully loaded, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable paddling experience. Based on valuable rider feedback, the ergonomic central handle has been extended to provide a range of balance points while carrying cargo onboard. Additionally, the new removable side handles contribute to more open deck space, allowing paddlers to adopt a wider stance for enhanced stability during their journey.

The 12'6 Voyager is the ultimate adventure partner for those seeking unmatched touring comfort and performance on the water.

V-HULL Technology in the 12'6 Voyager: Gliding Effortlessly

The 12'6" Voyager features an innovative V-Hull, a unique displacement hull positioned at the nose of the board, specifically designed by tapering the cut of the drop-stitch. The resulting V-shape enables the board to break the water's surface tension, facilitating smooth gliding between paddle strokes.

The brilliance of the V-Hull becomes evident when encountering challenging conditions such as chop and crosswinds. By adjusting your position on the board, you can alter the angle at which the V-shaped hull interacts with the water. When facing crosswinds, positioning further forward enhances the board's tracking ability, engaging more surface area beneath the waterline to prevent sideways drifting. Additionally, the V-Hull effectively navigates through choppy waters, maintaining seamless glide by reducing the impact from smaller waves.

Twin 8" Touring Fins for the 12'6" Voyager

The Red Voyager 12'6" is equipped with two ultra-durable 8" plastic touring fins, designed to enhance your paddling experience. With a raked leading edge, these fins enable effortless removal of weeds and debris, freeing you to explore without intervention.

Experience exceptional tracking with twin-fin set up, allowing you to paddle more efficiently and cover greater distances during your adventures. The user-friendly US box fins can be easily slotted in by hand and securely tightened with a finger bolt, eliminating the need for any additional tools.

Redesigned ATB Transformer Bag

The Voyager 12'6" now features the revamped ATB Transformer Bag, taking the best-selling All-Terrain Backpack to new heights of versatility as the perfect travel companion. Its standout attribute is the innovative bagless carry system, allowing adventurers to streamline their gear down to the core straps when heading towards the water.

This redesigned ATB Transformer offers an adjustable ergonomic structure, providing optimized shoulder and back support for enhanced comfort during your travels. Integrated compression straps further enhance portability, ensuring your gear stays secure on the go.

Thoughtfully designed storage solutions include an interior paddle blade pocket and Velcro paddle securing, keeping your paddling essentials neatly organized within the bag. Additionally, the generously sized outer zip pocket offers ample space for storing additional items, so everything stays together and easily accessible throughout your journey.

TITAN II: Less Pumping, More Paddling with the Voyager 12'6"

As an inflatable paddleboard company, Red Paddle Co have recognized the significance of easy and efficient board inflation. The original Titan pump was a game-changer, cutting down the time required to pump up boards significantly.

Their dedication to constant innovation has led to the development of the reimagined Titan II, which they confidently assert is the best pump available in the market. This improved double-chamber Titan II boasts bayonet fittings at both ends of the hose, directly attached to the airbox to minimize leaks and prevent unnecessary movement during use. Folding feet and a removable quick-release handle allow for a 30% reduction in size when not in use, making it more compact and easily portable.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the TITAN II pump with every Red Paddle Co 12'6 Voyager inflatable paddleboard package, allowing you to spend less time pumping and more time paddling on the water!

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Red Paddle Voyager 12'6" Paddle Options

No Paddle Hybrid Tough Prime Carbon Ultimate 3pc
  +£100 +£200 +£300
Great if you already have a paddle! Lightweight composite shaft with a durable Nylon Blade Carbon blade and shaft makes the paddle light and responsive This ultra-light paddle is optimised for efficient touring and race paddling.

More Information
Brand Red Paddle Co
Construction Inflatable - MSL
Length 12'6"
Width 32"/813mm
Thickness 5.9"/150mm
Volume 370 litres
Capacity up to 150kgs/330lbs
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