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Red Paddle Co 11'0" Compact SUP Package


Who's it for? 

The Red Paddle Co Compact 11'0 is made for paddlers that want to adventure further and travel anywhere with their board. With additional length and shaped to glide over the water, the 11' Compact will make light work of longer trips.

The most transportable adventure SUP on the market - The 11'0 Compact

With industry leading construction techniques, the 11' Compact is able to fit into the same small bag as it's 9'6 sibling. Folding along the length of the board allows the complete package to be half the size of a tradition inflatable SUP bag.

Based on the shape of the popular 11'0 Sport, the Compact version provides the perfect blend of stability and manouverabilty. 

Red Paddle Co Compact 11'0" Package

Red Paddle Co Compact Package for Sale uk

The Bag

This isn't just any SUP bag, designed to offer a high ange of adjustments so paddlers of all sizes can carry the package to any location. Only available with the Red Paddle Co Compact Range!

With  adjustable lumbar support and multiple height settings the bag can be set up for any sized paddler. Comfortbable for longer trips, the Compact bag applies approximately 53% less pressure on the carriers lower back.  The features don't stop there:

  • Handles wih tubular closed cell foam
  • Just the right amount of shoulder paddling
  • Back cushioning with a soft cotton covering.
  • Shoulder straps with 2 adjustments.

Whether you are on a short walk, or an epic hike to your next adventure, all of these features make the 11'0 Compact package the easiest board to transport!

Measurements: Height: 560mm | Width: 420mm | Depth: 280mm

Red Paddle Co 11'0 Compact Package for Sale Devon

The Compact Board

UNPACK • PACT™ technology features a completely new durable material with a high resolution thread matrix but is malleable to ensure easy packing.
UNROLL • The Compact 11'0 wraps around itself and the Titan pump.
UNFOLD • The split deckpad and offset valve creates a ‘living hinge’, allowing the board to fold easily down the middle.
INFLATE •  Using the industry leading full-size Titan twin cylinder pump made specificaly for Red Paddle Paddleboards.
Length: 11’0”
Width: 32“/813mm
Rider Weight: up to 110kg
Full package weight: 13.8Kg
Red Paddle Co 11'0 Compact Package for Sale Devon 9'6"

The Paddle

Engineering the paddle for the Compact packages was not an easy task, but Red Paddle Co created the perfect answer: a five piece paddle. It packs into the bag, but can still asjut to fit all rider sizes, and gives great paddling performance.

ECO The Nylon blade is laser etched, with no printing, chemicals or transfers and produced with a single pure material. The design will stay on forever with no aesthetic implications.

MATERIAL • A pure nylon blade increases durablity, while the carbon shaft provides light weight and rigidity.

ASSEMBLY • The anti-twist adjustment system with 45° cut push-pin connection has resulted in the most compact paddle yet, allowing it to fit inside the bag perfectly.

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The Fins

The Red Paddle Co Compact packages use specifically made flexible fins. Using a simple click fin system with a secondary screw for added security. The two off set fin boxes themselves are also compatible with standard FCS fins, so you can adjust the feel of your Compact on the water.

Red Paddle Co 11'0 Compact Package package deal order online

The Titan Pump

THE best pump on the market.

So good that there was no option but to include it with the Compact package. The Titan Pump is so efficient and well designed that you will be out on the water in no time.

Red Paddle Co Compact 11'0"Package package deal for sale uk

Red Paddle Co 11'0" Compact Package Contents

More Information
Brand Red Paddle Co
Choose your paddle: Alloy / Nylon
Construction N/A
Model N/A
Weight N/A
Length 11'0"
Width 32"
Thickness N/A
Volume N/A
Capacity Up to 110kg
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